If there are many tires in your warehouse, why don’t repurpose them? There are tons of DIY projects that you can do using old tires. Most of them work better to upgrade your garden decor. You can change them into a furniture item, planter, or other more useful things. Recycle old tires will reduce old things in your wirehouse as well. Let us see the ideas below that you can copy soon.

Incredible Tire Rope Ottoman

Incridible tire rope ottoman


Do you wish to have a new furniture item to upgrade your garden decor? In this picture, we are given a cool tire rope ottoman. You only have to assemble the rope that circles around the tire with hot glue. It looks so simple but chic.

Cool Tire Table


See this picture! An old tire can be repurposed as this cool table. Only by wrapping the old tire with rope and make it stuck by using hot glue, you can have this table. Add wooden legs to have it looks like a table.

Sandbox From Old Tire

It will be nice to play sands in summer. Look at this sandbox that is actually made of an old tire. The creator paints it blue and fills the center of it with sand. Feel free to add an umbrella or not. The kids will love this play.

Garden Stool From Tire

Adding a stool in a garden might be what you want. The stool should represent your character. So, you will feel cozy and comfy sitting there. In this picture, the creator paints a tire in white and add a pouf at the center of it. Then, it becomes a stool.

Easy Tire Swing

Make your kids happy by creating a swing chair. Take an old fashioned tire and hang it in a tree by using chains. Your kids will love to play with this old tire swing anytime. You can do it in less than a day.

White Tire Planters

Cut an old tire to let the upper part open. Use a cinder block to keep it stable. Feel free to paint it in any color but white looks more elegant. Plant your favorite flower, succulent, or cacti in this tire planter. Put it in the garden to get more natural light every day.

DIY Old Tire Chair

Make a chair form an old tire is not hard to do. Collect some tires as you need or as to how high the chair will be. Make sure you already paint it in your favorite color. Then, apply rope at the top of it.

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