Do you love to decorate your garden in a vintage look? You should install some vintage items. There might be a bucket, galvanized things, wire, and other kinds of stuff. Having a garden with a vintage feel might remind us about the life of people in the industrial era. However, it such a great idea to apply this style right now. Vintage items will never out of date. Your garden will look more enchanting because of your personal touches.

Cute Radio Flyer Planters

Cute radio flyer planters


What a cute garden planter is this! Look at the wheels that make it possibly move around the garden. Then the flowers are nice in different colors and types. It seems like a small garden that simple and beautiful.

Use Drawer Planters

Repurposing old drawers as planters will not take more money. Further, it is easy to create even for a DIY newbie. What you need to do is only filling the drawers with soil, pebbles, and water. Then, plant your lovely flowers, succulents, or cacti.

Vintage Planters Spot

Choose a certain are in your garden. It will better to use one corner. Arrange some vintage planters. It can be a wooden crate, galvanized pot, and ladder planter. Then, it seems like a little heaven. No matter what the season is, this little garden will always be beautiful.

Lovely Fairy Garden

Adding some pots with various plants is nice. Create fairy gardens will be awesome too. It might be in the term of a small garden with a little pond, bench, or other things. However, you have to make sure that the garden will not look so crowded.

Old Sewing Machine Planter

Change your old sewing machine to become a cool DIY planter. Add some wooden boards to create a raised garden bed. Pour soil, add pebbles, and pant the flower. This vintage planter will look nice to be placed in one corner of your garden.

Stunning Vintage Bucket Tipsy Planters

You can plant more flowers with this stunning vintage bucket tipsy planters. However, it needs more time to finish. You have to collect some buckets and arrange them in this zig-zag style. The one who loves messy things will love this too.

Old Watering Can Planter

Your old watering can would be nice after repurposed as a planter as well. Just fill it with soil and pebbles. Plant any flowers you love. Then, put the old watering can planter in the table. What do you think?




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