There are many ways to decorate your home with personal touches. In this article, we going to show you shadow boxes. Instead of displaying your succulent in a pot, why don’t you try a little bit excellent way? Make a shadow box will not require a special technique. Constructing a shadow box is not hard. Prepare scrap wood and a bit of hardware. After that, decorate your own shadow box with anything as your desire. Let see our inspiring ideas below!

Memory Shadow Boxes

What cute shadow boxes! Those shadow boxes are made of scrap woods with various photos inside. The creator adds some little toys on it as well to remind them about the kids’ growth. Display these items on the mantel will be nice.

Christmas Shadow Box

This is a pretty awesome idea to make this Christmas shadow box. To celebrate Christmas, you can make this. Furthermore, it will neither spend more money nor time to get this beautiful creature. Look at the faux snow and everything inside that so eye-catching.

Paper Flower Shadow Box

The creator of this craft might so creatively. Look at the rolled paper flowers on the shadow box that remind us about the beauty of the natural view. Display these flowers will give us a relaxing mind. Use this shadow box to decorate a home in spring or summer will be great.

Photo Collage Shadow Box

See this shadow box that displays a gorgeous photo collage. In this box, there are parents and kids’ photos that arranged well. The background is nice with a beachy feeling. We love the wooden color that bright and neutral.

Ocean Shadow Box

To remind us about a beach atmosphere and a blue ocean, we can see this great ocean shadow box. Look at the background of it which is a picture of the sea. It has some seashells and the sands that look so beachy. What do you think?

DIY Initial Shadow Box

Use a shadow box to fill an empty wall will be a nice idea. In this picture, a creator makes an initial family name to display in a shadow box. It looks so simple but attractive and has a personal touch. Put this on the wall of the hallway or mudroom is good.

Wonderful Succulent In A Box

Most people plant succulents in a pot. In this picture, we see an out of box idea to display succulent. The owner of this house uses a shadow box and it is so stunning.

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