Presenting the flowers for your spring decoration is really worth it. However, it will be a little bit troublesome since the flowers will wither soon. To solve that problem, you can use the faux flower which can be made with DIY projects to save your budget. Also, you can make the flower design based on your favorite flower and color. Making it with your kids is also interesting so that you can give them such a fun activity to increase their creativity.

For the paper, you can use the colored paper, the white plain paper then color it which is interesting for your kids, or even use the newspaper for the classic or rustic impression. For the flower stalk, you can utilize the dried twig, straw, or wire. To beautify it, cover the flower stalk with paper also. Or, you can adjust it by using the same paper material as the flower. For your inspiration, here are some pretty paper flower crafts that you can adapt to. Prepare also the vase if you want to use it as the table decoration.

Making crafts in the spring will be fun for you and your children. Try making colorful paper flower crafts as they are easy to make and perfect for spring decorating ideas. You can use the rolled paper as a stem so that it will look real. Paper Flower from Easypeasyandfun.

Paper crafts are a great choice to save on decoration costs. You can make flower arrangements from colored paper so that it will look more beautiful and attractive. Colorful Flower Bouquet from Stylemotivation.

DIY Paper flower is an interesting idea for a spring decoration idea. You can make paper stamped flower crafts to make it look more beautiful. Adding a button in the middle of the flower will make your paper flower look more beautiful. Stamped Flower Craft from Stylemotivation.

You can use the book page for easy and inexpensive spring crafts. Paper flowers are the right choice because besides being easy to make, they are also very suitable for spring decoration ideas. You can place it in the vase jar so that it looks classic and still looks attractive. Book Page Flower from Stylemotivation.

Orchid flowers are one of the right choices for your spring decoration ideas. You can use an artificial orchid made of white paper so it will look creative. Adding some leaves will give it a fresh look. Paper Orchid Plant from Stylemotivation.

DIY flower rolls made of orange paper look great for your spring decor ideas. You can use wire for the stem and burlap for the vase, giving it an interesting vintage look. DIY Flower Rolls from Itsalwaysautumn.

Making flowers out of paper is an interesting idea for an inexpensive spring decoration. You can make roses and put them in a vase so that they make a beautiful flower arrangement and your spring decorations look perfect. Paper Rose from Itsalwaysautumn.

Using colorful paper to make flowers is a creative idea. You can use a straw for the stem and an old bottle for a vase so that it is more environmentally friendly but still looks great. Colorful Paper Flower from Momjunction.

Hyacinth flower is very pretty to look at and synonymous in spring. You can make artificial water hyacinth flowers at home from colored paper so that it is simpler but still looks perfect. Using a bottle vase with a burlap lid looks classic and attractive so it can be inspiring. Paper Hyacinth Flower from Momjunction.

Spring decorating with flower arrangements is an idea that will never fail. You can use artificial flowers made of paper so they are cheaper and easier to make. Paper Flower Arrangement from Diyjoy.

Artificial rose flower made of newspaper looks classic and attractive to complement your decor. Try making a few flower stalks and then placing them in a vase so that it creates a flower arrangement that looks classic and attractive. Newspaper Rose Flower from Diyjoy.

Flowers are one of the ornaments that are suitable for your spring decoration. You can make flowers from paper so it’s cheaper and easier to make. Sticking it on the wall will be the perfect focal point in your home. Wall Paper Flower from Diyjoy.

Rose flower arrangements made of crepe paper and twigs look great for spring decor ideas. Try arranging it and putting it in a glass vase so it will look more perfect. Crepe Paper Flower from Stylemotivation.

Using colorful paper to make spring crafts is an interesting idea so it will look creative at a low cost. You can make Hyacinth flowers so that they will make your spring look more colorful. Placing it in the white kettle vase will make it look more elegant. Colorful Hyacinth Flowers from Stylemotivation.

DIY red flower made of paper looks simple but still beautiful. You can make several paper flowers and join them in a vase so that they make a great flower arrangement in spring. DIY Paper Red Flower from Stylemotivation.

Colorful flowers made of paper look great for spring decorations. Using a straw for the stalk will look even more beautiful. You can make multiple flower stalks and place them in the vase jar so they look stunning. Colorful Paper Flower from Craftrating.

Adding floral accents to your walls will bring a beautiful spring look to your home. Try making a flower out of colored paper so that it will become a focal point that looks more beautiful and attractive. Paper Flower on the Wall from Redtedart.

DIY Flower arrangement made of paper looks attractive to complement your spring decorations. You can choose pink and red colored paper to make a flower so it will look cute. Placing it in a rose gold bottle vase will look perfect. Red and Pink Flower Arrangement from Homeisd.

Bouquet of flowers made of paper are a great choice to compliment your spring decor on a budget. You can place it in a vase so that it becomes a simple yet stunning flower arrangement in spring. Paper Flower Bouquet from Homeisd.

Utilizing book pages for making crafts in the spring is the right thing to make it more environmentally friendly. You can turn them into some pretty flowers. Then perform it with a glass vase jar so that it will make it look stunning. Book Page Flower from Homeisd.

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