Well. Halloween will come soon on October 31. What should we prepare to welcome it? What about decorating our front door with simple but enchanting wreaths? You will see more creepy and spooky things anywhere. Adding a simple but eerie Halloween wreath to your front door is a nice idea. If you are looking for DIY Halloween wreath ideas, check out our inspiring lists below. From simple, cute, to spooky wreaths you can choose to copy.

Streamer Halloween Wreath

Streamer halloween wreath


What you need to prepare is black paper and a dark ribbon. Fold the papers one by one and arrange them in one circle shape. Then, add a black ribbon at the bottom side. No need for other accessories. This simple black wreath is pretty great for Halloween decor.

DIY Halloween Paper Fan Wreath

This mind-blowing wreath will keep you fun at the Halloween festival. Some papers with different patterns and sizes are used for making this wreath. This wreath will bring a cute and spooky feel to your home during the Halloween festival.  Ask your little one to make this fun craft with you.

DIY Black Butterfly Wreath

Shop the black butterflies in the store as many as you need. Then, arrange them one by one in a circle shape. Hang this wreath in your front door without other additions. So, your guest will feel the Halloween theme once they see it. This pretty project can be done in minutes.

DIY Birch Leaf Wreath

Young trick-or-treaters sometimes feel so scary seeing your wreath. What about making a simple wreath without a spooky feel? Is that a real Halloween? Yes, of course. A wreath with muted fall colors looks so nice on your front door. However, it still shows a Halloween feel, doesn’t it?

DIY Bat Wreath

You can make this DIY bat wreath without trying too much. Just wing the tiny branch in a circle shape. Then, attach some bats to it by using glue. Hang this pretty simple wreath in your front door. It looks so festive, right. You can finish this craft in less than an hour.

DIY Black Cat Wreath

You might find bats or spiders. However, what about a black cat? This cute animal will look so scary on Halloween night as well. All you need to make this wreath are black, cream, and orange pieces of wheat, construction paper, and some ribbon. And, of course, a black cat ornament.


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