Easy! You can have such perfect decoration to celebrate Halloween this year even without spending too much money. We offer you to do the DIY dollar store ornament which will be so much affordable. To save money, you can utilize your old stuff or unused things around your house to get such a cheap one. That is why better for you not to throw away the things that may still can be functioned such as the mason jar, bottle, can, and even your old stuff.

For the design ideas, here we have collected some proper references as you can copy it easily. From the lighting to the ornament, all are provided here. You can even make the cute mummies, Jack O’ lantern, spider web, or ghost ornament. Sounds interesting, right? Scroll down!

The Expressive Pumpkin for Halloween from Morningchores

Hanging Jack-o Lantern from Popsugar

Skeleton Pumpkin Lantern from Morningchores

Spider Jar for Halloween Decor from Hgtv

Black Pumpkins With Spider Web from Hgtv

Pumpkins Spider from Hgtv

Front Door decoration with Yarn Spider Web from Lushome

DIY Spider Web and Jack-o Lantern from Lushome

Black Spider Web from Lushome

White Spider Web from Lushome

Tissue Ghost from Theglobalvilla

Cups Lantern for Halloween from Theglobalvilla

Terrarium Mason Jar for Halloween from Trendir

Halloween Mantel Decor with DIY Spider Web from Trendir

Indoor Halloween Decor from Aagiftsandbaskets

Wooden Skeleton from Thegardenglove

Pumpkins Lanterns from Thegardenglove

Fabric Spider Web from Thegardenglove

DIY Spider Web with Candy from Homecrux

Yarn Spider Web from Homecrux

Outdoor Spider Web for Halloween from Liveprettylife

DIY Mummy from Ryanrobertsrealtor

Cute Ghost from Residencestyle

Outdoor Jack-O Lanterns from Residencestyle

Outdoor Ghost from Digsdigs

Pumpkins Lantern from Digsdigs

Flying Ghost from Digsdigs

Spooky Pumpkins from Digsdigs

Spider Web made of Wire from Homeartmania

Decorative Pumpkins for Halloween from Homeartmania

White Ghost from Homeartmania

Bats Wreath from Homeartmania

Murder pumpkin from Homeartmania

Frightening entrance from Homeartmania

Jack-O lantern Made of Pumpkins from Homeartmania

Small Hanging Ghost made of Paper from Homeartmania

DIY Spider Web for Halloween Decor from Decoratorist

DIY Indoor Halloween Decoration from Decoratorist

White Spider Web from Decoratorist

Bats Decor for the Staircase from Hikendip

BOO pumpkins from Hikendip

Halloween Staircase Decoration from Hikendip

Yarn Spiders from Hikendip

DIY Spider Web from Woohome

White Ghost from Woohome

Black Spider from Curatedinterior

Spooky Lanterns from Homebnc

Spider Candle Holder from Homebnc

Skull Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Black Zombie Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Bloody Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Jack-O Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Painted Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Spooky Halloween Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Spider Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Zombie Mason Jar from Thewowdecor

Jack-o Lantern Halloween Topiary from Offbeatbros

Bats Lantern from Offbeatbros

DIY Origami Halloween Lights from Offbeatbros

Halloween Mason Jar from Offbeatbros

Hanging Bats for Halloween decoration from Offbeatbros

Hanging Bats ornament from Freaked

Ghost Ornament made of Bottles from Freaked

Cobweb Coasters from Freaked

Jack-O Mason Jar from Freaked

Front Door Mummy from Freaked

Terrarium Mason Jar from Freaked

Ghosts in a jar from Homecrux

Scary Mason jar from Homecrux

DIY Halloween Bat Marquee from Crazy Little Projects

Pumpkins Ghost from Crazy Little Projects

Paper Bats Ornament from Crazy Little Projects

Pumpkin Topiary from Crazy Little Projects

Halloween Terrarium from Dashofsanity

White Ghost Ornament from Dashofsanity

Flying Ghost for Outdoor Halloween decoration from Stayglam

Pumpkins Ghost for Halloween from Stayglam

Halloween Painted Cups from Stayglam

White Jack-O pumpkins from Stayglam

Spider Nest from Architecture Art Designs

Pumpkins Spider from Architecture Art Designs

Spider On the Ceiling from Architecture Art Designs

Mummy Ghost from Architecture Art Designs

Black Bats on the Walls from Prettymyparty

Hanging Bats for Halloween from Prettymyparty

Flying Bats from Prettymyparty

Spider Webs from Prettymyparty

Spider Mason Jar from Prettymyparty


Framed Doily Spiderwebs from Homedit

DIY Wreath for Halloween from Homebnc

White Wooden Ghost from Homebnc

Flying Bats from Homebnc

Halloween Lighting from Homebnc

Jack-O Lantern from Homebnc

Pumpkins Ghost from Homebnc

Spider Web from Homebnc

Mason Jar Mummy from Homebnc

Jack-o Pumpkins from Homebnc

Pumpkins Lantern from Homebnc

White Ghost from Homebnc

Mummy for Halloween from Homebnc

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