A notebook is key to grab your idea anywhere. Some people will bring it whenever they go. Even a smartphone has an application that looks like a notebook, but the real one is still popular. Give your notebook some personal touches that will spruce it up. Feel free to add paints, embroidery, or others. In this article, we give you fun ideas to decorate your notebook cover to look more special. Check out further!

Embroidered Notebook Cover

Embroidered notebook cover


It seems nice to apply embroidery flower in a notebook cover to make it more eye-catching. In this notebook, the owner has a faux leather cover in dark color. So, the colorful embroidery cover upgrades it looks. What do you think?

Mini Memo Notebook Cover

How many notebooks do you have in your bag? Giving a mini memo for each of them will help you later on. Whenever you need one of them, you only need to read the memo whether you will take a travel notebook, idea notebook, and soon.

Beautiful Butterfly Notebook

Give a personal touch for your notebook is not a hard thing to do. In this picture, the creator of this cute notebook shapes it into a butterfly. You are free to do so. Take your scissors or other tools that can be used for cutting a notebook.

Artistic Notebook

If you love arts, this artistic notebook may inspire you. It looks like a real piece of art that shows how creative you are. Feel free to use watercolors or acrylic paints to draw the patterns. Then, see how cool your notebook.

Notebook Covered With Fabric

See this notebook that looks so interesting with fabric cover.  The creator uses felt that is durable to cover. Feel free to choose any patterns and colors as you like. Dark color fabrics will make it looked elegant while bright color one will lead it to look cute.

With Pencil Station

See the notebook in this picture that completed well with pencil station. It will help you to find which pencil needed. The creator attaches a ribbon by using hot glue and give some spaces to store pencils. Ask your kid to do this project with you.

Notebook For School

Write down a secret math formulation in this cute notebook. Use watercolor to add your personal artistic touches. This super easy project will not need much money. Furthermore, it can be done in less than an hour.

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