Although not having the luxury materials, but the repurposing product could be valuable just based on your treatment. It is really important how you can choose and juggle the stuff that could be the potential one to be made into something aesthetic and unique. Besides, it also should be functional and able to beautify your home decoration. There are so many stuff and design ideas that existed, but here, we have prepared 10 proper repurposing ideas that you can copy. The ideas will be possible to be made related to the materials and the designs.


Candle Jar into Container

If you have a candle jar don’t throw it away you can turn it into a more useful item. Change the small candle jar to adjust your ponytail. You just need to clean the candle jar then place it on the table and use it to store your pigtails so they are more organized. Jar Hair Bands Organizer from Diys.

Old Ladder Into Rack

Don’t make your used wooden ladder, try to make it more useful. You can turn it into a storage shelf that brings a natural touch to your home. Just display the wooden ladder in your bathroom then install a wooden plank on each rung so you can use it for ideas for storing towels and toiletries. Ladder Rack from Homesthetics.

Tissue Roll into Organizer

To make pencils and other stationery not cluttered on the table, you can use a tissue roll to solve your problem. Try turning a roll paper towel into a creative organization. You simply paint a tissue roll or wrap it with colored paper and place it on the table, and the DIY tissue roll organizer is ready to accommodate pencils and other stationery. Tissue Roll Pencil Holder from Simplemost.

Credit Card into Guitar Pick

If you have a hobby of playing guitar, Guitar Pick is one of the most valuable things for you. Try making your own guitar pick at home to express your creativity and save money. You can use a credit card to make a guitar pick by cutting it with scissors so that it will work properly. Credit Card Guitar Pick from Craftingagreenworld.

Hangers Into Jewelry Holder

Turn the hanger into a beautiful Jewelry Holder hanging. Install the hook at the bottom of the wooden hanger which will serve as a place to hang your jewelry. Then you can hang it on the wall so that it will become an interesting focal point in your home. Hangers Jewelry Holder from Topofstyle.

Old Guitar into Book Rack

Remodel a used guitar into a storage idea is a really creative idea. You can add a divider to your old guitar so it will make a great looking shelf. Mounting it on the wall and using it for the idea of storing your book collection will bring its own charm and make your walls stand out even more. Old Guitar Book Rack from Homemydesign.

Plastic Bottle Into Planter

To get a beautiful garden does not have to be expensive. You can use used plastic bottles for planters in your garden so that it will look creative. First, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle then you can use it to grow cactus, succulents, and other plants. To make it look more beautiful and attractive you can hang it on the wall or on the fence using a rope. Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter from Architectureartdesigns.

Mason Jar Into Lighting

Using a mason jar to create lighting ideas in your home is an idea that will never fail. You can use a glass mason jar to make an attractive chandelier at a low cost as all you need is a mason jar of glue and string. First, put the lamp into the mason jar then wrap the mason jar using a rope that is glued together using glue. Finally, hang the jar lights on the ceiling so that it will provide the perfect illumination in your home. Jar Hanging Lamps from Homedit.

Vintage Suitcase Into Chair

Remodel vintage suitcases into furniture will present a very attractive classic look in your home. You can turn it into a comfortable chair by leaving the suitcase open and adding a padded pad to the suitcase. Then add four legs made of wood under the suitcase so it looks perfect and your old suitcase chair is stronger. Suitcase Chair from Homedit.

Wine Bottle into Pendant

Using used wine bottles to complement your home decor is a creative idea. You can turn it into a pendant light as a lighting idea in your home so that it will look unique at a low cost. First, you have to cut the bottom of the bottle and then insert a bulb lamp into the bottle and hang it from the ceiling before connecting it to the electricity. You can wrap the wine bottle pendant light in wire so it will look classic and attractive. Wine Bottle Pendant Light from Wonderfuldiy.

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