What a pretty nice thing when we can create crafts with our kids. Choose the easiest project that you can finish in less than a day. In this article, we are going to show you creative Santa crafts that will improve your Christmas decor. Further, it will trigger your kids’ creativity. You can easily get the materials in your own home. Let us see our inspiring Santa crafts below. Check out!

Paper Beard Santa

Ask your kids to make this cute Santa craft made of a red plastic plate. You are free to use another material as red paper or red felt. Then, add the bread by using a curlicue white paper beard. Give a red nose and eyes. Then, see how cool the Santa will be.

Cork Red Santa

Making this awesome red Santa is not hard at all. Take wine corks as many as you need. Then, add red ribbons and white cotton to get a real Santa look. This project will neither spend much money nor time. But, the result will be so cool.

Santa Finger Puppet

Santa finger puppet

This Santa finger puppet is made of simple materials. You can use felt or cotton or any fabrics in your storage. Then, add ornaments like eyes, hat, nose, and beard. Give this to your kid and see how happy he will be.

Simple Santa Craft

In this picture, we see a simple craft that can be made easily even at the first time. Just make a triangle shape with a red paper. Then, adhere the beard that made of a half paper plate. Take another paper to create the hat. Add pom pom at the top of Santa’s hat and don’t forget the eyes and nose.

Santa Slime With Mason Jar

Almost any kid loves to play slime. This Christmas, creating a Santa slime with a mason jar will be a nice thing to do. Make sure that you use a food-safe dye to give color to your slime. Then, feel free to decorate the mason jar with a button, belt, or others.

Cute Starfish Santa

Starfish Santa looks awesome to make with your kids. The result will be so cute as you see in this picture. You only need to buy the starfish at the store or get it from a souvenir. Improve the appearance by applying quick coat of paint.

Strawberry Santa

Look at these cute Santa pops that will make your kids smile all day long. There are real strawberries at the top of them that look so sweet and chic.

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