Make your home cozier by creating cool DIY projects that will give warmth all day long. In winter, the weather can be so cold, you need to upgrade your house with anything to get a warmer atmosphere. It will easy to find those elements at the store, but why don’t you make at least one by hand. You will gain a different touch and more personal. In this article, we will show you simple DIY projects to make. Check out!

Bedroom With String Lights

There are many ways to redecorate your bedroom to look more comfortable. However, winter will bring a cold atmosphere. So, adding string lights to your bedroom is a great idea. It will not only live up your room but also add warmth.

Awesome Cloud Rug


This is a pretty easy DIY project that anyone can make in less than a day. Prepare a faux fur fabric and cut it into a cloud shape. Sew it by hand or you can use a sewing machine as well. No more accessories needed. Put this cloud rug in your bedroom.

DIY Plaid Flannel Throw

Diy plaid flannel throw

A blanket is one of the most common fabrics used for decorating a house in winter. You might find it in a living room, bedroom, or porch. Creating your own plaid flannel throw will give a more personal touch and looks so special.

Honey Colored Veneer Lampshade

A lighting fixture will not only brighten up space but upgrade its look. See this honey-colored veneer lampshade that works well with anything around. It gives a fresh and warm look to any room. This easy project is also easy to make.

Colorful Pom Pom Rug

Add more colors for winter is not a mistake. Though winter is about snow, but a colorful pom pom rug will spruce up your living room. Furthermore, this project is easy to make and will never be out of date. Just by the pom pom as many as you need and attach it on by one till looks like a rug.

String Lights Over Bed

String lights are also nice to be put over a bed. It will shine at night and brighten up your bedroom instantly. Further, it gives you a warm feeling because of the colors. Feel free to apply it on the canopy or headboard.

DIY Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Diy faux fur throw pillow

When you a free time at the weekend, create this simple faux fur throw pillow. You need to know at least a basic sewing skill to be able to make this faux fur pillow.

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