Make your home cozier by creating cool DIY projects that will give warmth all day long. In winter, the weather can be so cold, you need to upgrade your house with anything to get a warmer atmosphere. It will easy to find those elements at the store, but why don’t you make at least one by hand. You will gain a different touch and more personal. In this article, we will show you simple DIY projects to make. Check out!

Bedroom With String Lights

Adding yellow string light in a winter room is a very good idea. This will not only liven up your room but also add warmth. You can hang it on the wall area so it will look festive. Yellow String Light from @litlifelights.

The string light garland that is hung above the bed will provide beautiful and attractive lighting. In addition, the yellow light produced from this string light garland will present a warm feel. String Light Garland from @__meiflower.

Simple and attractive. This winter bedroom decoration is equipped with string lights to make it look more festive. You can wrap this string light on the headboard so it will provide perfect lighting. Headboard String Light from @electriccrowns.

Bring string lights to the winter decorations in your bedroom. Here you can use a white sting light so it will be a perfect lighting idea. Displaying it on the wall will make your wall look more prominent and successfully exposed perfectly. Wall String Light from @dressmelikethat.

This string light curtain will be the perfect window treatment in your winter bedroom. In addition, the yellow light that is produced from this string light will present a beautiful and warm appearance. String Light Curtain from @deco_desing1.

Awesome Cloud Rug

This light gray rug has a cute shape, which is like a could, making it suitable for decorating a kids room in winter. Made using fine and thick cloth, it can work perfectly to warm. Light Grey Could Rug from @lilipinso.

This DIY Rug is made by knitting so it has quite high artistic value. This rug has a could shape and looks adorable. The creator made the eyes, rosy cheeks and lips on this could rug so it looks extraordinary. Knitted Could Rug from @navystitch.
So adorable. This rug is made using faux fur which is potted to resemble the shape of a could so it looks adorable. Having a soft and smooth texture makes it perfect in winter. White Could Rug from @secret_manitto.

This is a pretty easy DIY project that anyone can make in less than a day. Take your faux fur fabric and cut it into a cloud shape. Sew by hand or you can also use a sewing machine. No need for accessories anymore. Put this cloud rug under your swing. Furry Could Rug from @cloud.den.

Look at the rug above! having a shape like a cloud makes it look very adorable. Made using a combination of white and blue fabric makes it even more beautiful. Put this could rug in your bedroom. White and Denim Could Rug from @nattiot_rugs.

This could rug is made using thick cloth by sewing it so it is very strong and durable. Placing it under the bench, made it manage to provide the perfect warmth. Dark Grey Could Rug from @cloud.den.

DIY Plaid Throw Blanket

This blanket is made using flannel so it will provide perfect warmth. The edges of this blanket are made Rawis so it will make it look more attractive. Throwing it on the sofa will make winter more comfortable. White and Black Blanket from @joann_stores.

This red blanket has a plaid pattern and a fairly thick texture, so it’s perfect for winter. You can display it above the sofa so it will provide perfect warmth and comfort. Red Blanket from @southerngiltvintage.

A blanket is one of the most common fabrics used for decorating a house in winter. You might find it in a living room, bedroom, or porch. Creating your own plaid flannel throw will give a more personal touch and looks so special. Plaid Blanket from @malinad_home.

Take a look at the blanket above. Made by combining two pieces of flannel and fur, it will succeed in providing the perfect warmth in winter. The creator made it by sewing it so that it is more durable and long lasting. Thick Blanket from @ownkoti_official.

The white and black color combination on this blanket manages to present a beautiful monochromatic look. The creator made it by knitting so that it will have quite high artistic value. You can display it above the sofa so that it will present an interesting visual appearance.  Knit Blanket from @madewithlove_jamm.

Colorful Pom Pom Rug

This rug is made using colorful pom poms so it will give it a very festive look. Place this rug anywhere you want and it’s ready to warm your feet in the cold winter. Multicolor Pom Pom Rug from @tamieadaya.

Interesting right ? This rectangular shaped rug is made using pom poms which are combined to form a rug. The combination of various colors that are produced successfully makes it look very beautiful. Rectangular Pom Pom Rug from @omcreationsbeirut.

Though winter is about snow, but a colorful pom pom rug will spruce up your living room. Furthermore, this project is easy to make and will never be out of date. Just by the pom pom as many as you need and attach it on by one till looks like a rug. Felt Pom Pom Rug from @winston_and_grace.

Star Lighting

This star lighting is made using carved paper which is shaped into a star so it looks very beautiful. The creator chose to use a yellow light to complement this star light so that it will present a warm feel. Carving Star Lighting from @nityam_incense.

This white paper that is strung into a 3D star looks very pretty and perfect for winter decorations. Complete this 3D star with a bulb lamp so that it will present a very beautiful light. Place this star lighting on the table and ready to provide lighting. White Paper Star Lighting from @handzeichenev.

Very attractive in winter. The lighting idea in this house uses star lights which are made using paper and yellow lamp material. Displayed by hanging, making it successful in providing perfect lighting.  Hanging Star Lighting from

DIY Faux Fur Throw Pillow

Made with this faux fur pillow DIY project to get creative looks at an affordable cost. You can make three faux fur pillows and display them together for ultimate comfort. Dark Faux Fur Throw Pillow from @luzio_usa.

You can never fail to put a faux fur pillow on the sofa so that it will bring the perfect warmth and comfort. Here you can throw it on the couch so it will look perfect in winters. Yellow Faux Fur Throw Pillow from

This faux fur pillow was made with a DIY project by sewing it so it’s perfect for winter and long lasting. Having a light gray color theme will make it easy to match anything. Displaying it above the arm chair will make it successful in providing comfort. Light Grey Fur Pillow from @room.422.

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