Pom poms creation is so funny either for kids or adults. Besides, pom-pom DIY projects give a sense of whimsy to any designs and also inexpensive. Therefore, here we show you DIY Updated Colorful Pom Pom Crafts That Anyone Will Love To Do.

Pop Funky Earrings

First, we go to the simplest projects we can do which are pop funky earrings. To create these bright earrings, you will be helped by some simple plier skills, minimal effort, and supplies. The supplies you need for this pop funky earrings project are yarn, gold jewelry chain, dangle earring backs, a small pompom maker, scissors, and jewelry pliers.

Basic Desk Lamp Décor With Magnet

Basic desk lamp décor with magnet DIY Updated Colorful Pom Pom Crafts That Anyone Will Love To Do


This idea shows you the pom poms are transformed into magnets and adhered to a metal desk lamp. This idea is good to complete your dorm room or study desk. Besides, because the pom-pom magnets are removable, you can take them off to use on your magnet board or use them to pin up your notes on your lamp, even you can also rearrange them into different patterns.

Coaster With Wool Felt Balls

There is no doubt that coasters are an instantly gratifying home DIY project to tackle. It offers you only a couple of hours to complete and features great gifts. Then, the supplies you need to create this project are 1 cm wool felt balls (90 to 100 balls per coaster or depending on the size of coaster you want), cork coasters, and glue.

Soft And Cozy Pom Pom Rug

If you are looking for an easy way to create a rug compare to the woven rug, this idea is the best one. It will not only offer you a quick and easy way in the making process but it also gives you the softest thing you have ever stood on. The supplies you need are wool yarn in various texture, size, and colors, two toilet paper rolls, scissors, and a non-stick rug mat.

Repurpose A Placemat Into A Pretty Clutch

There is no doubt that straw and pom poms are a great combination, especially for a beachy vacation-worthy purse. This clutch is made of a placemat which is then embellished with pretty pom poms and ribbons. The complete supplies you need to create this clutch are a round placemat, magnetic snaps, bull clips, a hot glue gun, and assorted fringes and trimmings.


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