If you don’t change your home decor periodically, it might look so boring. Some people change the wall color or add new home items to spruce it up. However, there is a simple way to upgrade your room decoration that less budget and easy to do. Dress up your windows will never make you upset. Furthermore, the room will appear fresh and chic more than before. In these lists, we give you ideas to see!

Add Lace To The Windows

Get a pretty classic window by applying lace after the glass. See how it looks more charming though only in a simple way. Feel free to choose other colors as you like. Just cut the lace in any size based on your window and attach it. You can use hot glue or nail.

DIY Dyed Curtains

Look at these DIY dyed curtains that anyone can do. The ombre color looks so much interesting and blends with the whole decor. You can tie-dye any fabric for your window but the thin one will be much better.

DIY Fold Clamp Tie Dye

It might be so chic to apply DIY fold clamp tie-dye for your windows. We love the colors of these curtains in the picture and you will too. Feel free to try other colors and customize the size base on your necessary.

Cute Confetti Drapes

See the polka dots that made of confetti! You can do a similar idea for your own drapes. No matter what your home decoration is, this curtain will spruce up your window decoration instantly and of course less budget.

DIY Embellished Stripe Curtains

Look at the embellished curtains that will spruce up your window decoration. There are various embellished patterns that can be made by hand. Furthermore, stripe curtains will never out of date. So, you can use these curtains any season.

DIY Easy Burlap Shades

These effortless DIY burlap shades will add a rustic touch to your home decoration. However, you are free to combine these burlap shades with modern design as well. Burlap fabrics are easy to find and inexpensive.

DIY Pom Pom Curtains

Upgrade your plain curtains with these pom poms. You shouldn’t have to be able to sew with a sewing machine. The pom-poms can be attached to the curtains by hand. Though it will need a day to make, the result will be so much chic.

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