Have you ever been to those farmhouses as a child where everything looks worn out but is perfectly finished? Always wanted that sort of vibe in your house? Well, it’s your lucky day. You don’t have to live among mountains or the countryside to play with rustic looking designs when you can DIY! 

Century-old details, rough surfaces & faded finishes come together to create a welcoming rustic kitchen among mystics of the past. To give your kitchen that rustic farm looks you don’t have to live on one or break your bank. A few basic elements of worn-out feel, neutral palette, natural material, and a few kitchen lighting later tada!

Here are some DIY ideas on how to create the look using old pallets:

1. Coffee Mug Holder

If you are a mug hoarder or someone who drinks a lot of coffee and wants a way to flaunt your cups? A simple plank/pallet hammered together in the form of a cloth hanger with hooks on it to hold your mugs will do the trick. It will not only add that extra X to your rustic kitchen but will also create a statement. Another cool thing is that it will offer you a way to showcase your favorite mugs. They are very easy to grab when you need them too 

2. Pallet Pot Rack

Pot Racks in farm kitchens are one of the favourite and most fascinating things people come across. It contains a piece of wood affixed on the walls with a chain upside down. A bunch of little hooks on the bottom in it for hanging the pots, pans & other cutlery. Not much effort and looks absolutely elegant. The kitchen cabinets will breath freely once you take out the pots and hand them in the overhead storage you just made. It’s a simple beautiful project and great for small kitchens

3. Simple Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands are usually thought to be one of the most expensive things to buy. Even though they need one, a lot of people avoid buying one. The fear of going over budget or picking up something not suited to their needs keeps them on their toes. There is no reason to go out and spend a ton of money or live without one when you can upcycle a pallet and create an Island of your own. It looks like an old table, the one your grandpa made on the farm. It has the classic four legs and two tops, one on the table and one below just where the legs touch the floor.

4. Pallet Wine Bar

This project is for a free floating wine bar which actually doubles as a table if push comes to shove. Two planks of simple put together wood one on top of the other with hollow space in between is perfect for storing bottles of wine. You can eat and sit comfortably on the table above the bar stools. This project is easy, fun and requires literally nothing more than a few planks of wood, nails and a hammer. Since it’s so easy to make, it’s also very flexible in customization according to your needs. The lights up your kitchen from within giving it a very awesome country ambiance. 

Finally!! Instead of using pallets to make furniture for your house, these ideas will help you enjoy and create the rustic kitchen of your dreams. Maybe you could throw in a play kitchen too. The play kitchen could also give you practice before you experiment on your original one. Happy DIYing!!

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