Do you have ordinary tumblers then do you want to make it more pop up? Well, it’s time for you to make some DIY projects of it. Without further ado, check the ideas below to inspire your ideas of transforming tumblers.

Resin Tumbler

Resin tumbler DIY Whole Better Tumbler Projects As Your Tumbler Transformation


What a gorgeous tumbler! Here, you can see the white, red, blue striped, marbled, and glitter tumbler. To create these funny tumblers, you will need epoxy resin, insulated tumbler, painter’s tape, spray paint, glitter, spray adhesive, nitrile gloves, plastic mixing cups, stir sticks, a plastic drop sheet,  a small foam football, and a cup turner.

Glitter Resin Tumbler With Cricut Vinyl

Glitter resin tumbler with cricut vinyl DIY Whole Better Tumbler Projects As Your Tumbler Transformation


It is stainless steel tumbler that looks a whole lot better without having to cover the whole tumbler with glitters. On the other hand, note that this project is not so difficult to make if you have the required materials handy. So, the supplies needed are stainless steel tumbler, chunky glitter, glitter paint, dishwasher safe mod-podge, vinyl cut with Cricut maker, and painter’s tape.

Coffee Teach Repeat Tumbler

This tumbler is great for you, as a gift to your lovely ones or even teachers. Next, the supplies you need for this project are Silhouette cutting mat, silhouette cutting blade, silhouette studio, coral adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, scraper tool, and coffee tumbler.

Floating Glitter Tumbler

As the name mentioned above, this tumbler shows you floating stars inside. The supplies you need are a clear photo tumbler or a travel mug, glitter, sequins, water, and a metallic confetti combination. Through the glitter mix, it will color your day.

Confetti Decorated Tumbler

Confetti decorated tumbler is a festive tumbler idea where it takes 30-minutes for crafting. Then, the materials you need are foam brush, mod podge matte, clear tumbler with removable insert, and Confetti. Besides, do not forget to wash and dry your tumbler before you do other processes in crafting this confetti-decorated tumbler.

DIY Glitter Tumbler

Do you want to try out epoxy designs of tumbler? Here is the idea where you can customized the respective names. For this project, the materials you need to create these glitter tumblers are stainless steel tumblers, spray paint base coat, glitter, epoxy resin, spray adhesive, spray adhesive, spray sealer, sandpaper, painter’s tape, electrical tape, double-sided tape, 91% isopropyl alcohol, disposable nitrile gloves, respirator, apron, long sleeves, extra plastic cups, extra Popsicle sticks, paper, permanent adhesive vinyl, transfer tape, and Cricut.

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