There are so many different kinds of lighting that can be used for home decoration and one of them is the string light. It can’t be doubted that the string light has its own impressive characteristic that makes it possible to be used to beautify your home decoration. The string light is also recommended because of its flexibility that can be applied in many ways. It means that you can adjust the way you want to install it based on the spot, the shape, and the design. Also, you can use the string light for the indoor and outdoor even for your tree in your backyard. Trust me that it will be really interesting to use the string light.

For your reference, we will show you some possible ways that you can have for the string light installment. The first interesting one is by making some words by using the string light that could be installed on the wall. Then, you can also use it to decorate the window, the door, and the fireplace just by simply installing it lengthwise along with that stuff. Then, you can also install the string light on your headboard and ceiling. You can see the pretty string light installment on the following images that could be really varied. Hope these can be your inspiration!

Yummy String Light Letter from Homemydesign

Floor Mirror Decoration from Homemydesign

Cover the Hallway Table from Idealhome

Staircase Decoration from Idealhome

Ceiling String Light Decor from Idealhome

Cabinet Decoration from Idealhome

Rest Lights on your Headboard from Idealhome

String Light Festoons Between Rooms from Idealhome

Decorative Mantel from Decoist

Heart Shape String Light from Decoist

String Light Window Treatment from Decoist

Love String Light Letter from Homebnc

Decorative Frame from Homebnc

Headboard with String Light from Homebnc

String Light Chandelier from Homebnc

Bottle Lighting from Homebnc

Bed Frame Lighting from Homebnc

Photo Display from Homebnc

String Light Room Divider from Homebnc

DIY String Light Tree from Homebnc

Dream Letter from Homebnc

Canopy Bed with String Light from Homebnc

Entryway Lighting from Homebnc

Decorative Door from Homebnc

Curved String Light Headboard from Homebnc

Fireplace Decoration from Digsdigs

Curtain Coating from Digsdigs

String Light Curtain from Digsdigs

Dresser Lighting from Digsdigs

Decorative Wall Art from Digsdigs

Wall Decoration from Digsdigs

Rectangular Wall Art from Digsdigs

White String Light for Canopy Bed Decor from Digsdigs

Canopy Bed Decoration from Digsdigs

House Shape String Light Headboard from Digsdigs

Bedroom Wall Decor from Digsdigs

Tassel Garland with String Light from Digsdigs

Polaroid Photo Display from Digsdigs

Star String Light Wall Hanging from Godfatherstyle

String Light Wrapped Wall Art from Godfatherstyle

Decorative Star Ornament from Godfatherstyle

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