Lighting becomes an interesting thing in your home. Not only because of its function to brighten up your home but also to add an aesthetic look in beautifying your home decoration. In this case, you should be able to provide the good one so that you can get a multifunctional side from your lighting. Well, yes! Good and qualified lighitng will be quite expensive that makes you can’t have the proper one for your home. But, you can always create your own lighting by doing the proper DIY project. You can even adjust it with your needs, budget, and home design style that you apply to your home.

There are varied materials that you can use for your DIY lighting. Also, the function is really varied. Design it to be the pendant lighting, table lighting, or even chandelier. Here, the different materials will give different design style impressions. For your consideration, if you want to have the rustic or farmhouse style, you can use rattan or jute. Then, if you want the industrial or modern style, you can have wire or iron. There are still so many ideas that you can make for your own DIY lighting as we listed below.

Drop Cloth Lamp from Architectureartdesigns

String Pendant Lamp from Architectureartdesigns

Stainless Steel Pendant Light from Architectureartdesigns

Mason Jar Pendant Lamps from Architectureartdesigns

Book Lampshade from Architectureartdesigns

Tree Branch Chandelier from Architectureartdesigns

Tulle Pendant Lamp from Architectureartdesigns

Paper Lamp from Homedit

Basket Light from Diyjoy

Globe Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Mason Jar Pendant Lights from Diyjoy

Colander Pendant Light from Diyjoy

String Globe Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Stacked Books Table Lamp from Diyjoy

Cheese Grater DIY Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Twig Chandelier from Diyjoy

Old Wooden Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Vintage Tart Tin Lights from Diyjoy

Wagon Wheel Mason Jar Chandelier from Diyjoy

Wine Bottle Pendant Light from Decorordesign

Knit Pendant Light from Decorordesign

Jar Pendant Light from Homebnc

Hammered Metal Shades Lamps from Homebnc

Glass Pendant Lamp from Homebnc

Wire Pendant Light With Burlap Lining from Homebnc

Metal Chicken Wire Lamp from Homebnc

Wicker Drum Pendant Light from Homebnc

Doily Lamp from Decozilla

Feather Lamp from Decozilla

Fish Bowl Lamp from Decozilla

Globe Lamp from Decozilla

Plastic Cup Lamp from Decozilla

Wine Bottle Lamp from Decozilla

Rope Hanging Lamp from Decorunits

Tire and Rope Lamp from Decorunits

Bamboo Hanging Lamp from Decorunits

Glass and Rope Lamps from Decorunits

Canopied Lampshade from Homebnc

Birdcage Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Bohemian Pendant Light from Diyjoy

DIY Glass Pendant Light Fixture from Diyjoy

DIY Colander Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Basket Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Structural Paper Orb Lights from Diyjoy

Paint Stick Pendant Light from Decoist

Bamboo Orb Light from Decoist

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamp from Decoist

Plastic Bag Light from Decoist

DIY Quilt Light from Decoist

Soda Can Tab Pendant Lamp from Decoist

White Paper Petal Pendant Lamp from Decoist

Woven Rope Pendant Light from Decoist

Wood Veneer Lamp from Decoist

Spoons Pendant Lamp from Decoist

3-D Square Shade from Decoist

DIY Number Plate Hanging Lamps from Designbump

Wire Basket Pendant Lamp from Homedit

Paper Bag Pendant Light from Homedit

DIY Wire Trash Pendant Light from Homedit

Drum Hanging Lamp from Deavita

DIY Cardboard Table Lamp from Deavita

Cardboard Hanging Lamp from Deavita

Concrete Lamp from Homeisd

Paper Pendant Light from Homeisd

Fish Scale Pendant Light from Homeisd

Paper Plate Lamps from Homeisd

DIY Copper Light from Diyprojectsforteens

Origami Lamps from Diyprojectsforteens

Painted Cardboard Hanging Lamp from Diyprojectsforteens

Flower Lampshade from Diyprojectsforteens

Colorful Wire Hanging Lamps from Diyprojectsforteens

Holla Hoop Chandelier from Diyprojectsforteens

Stick Hanging Lamps from Diyprojectsforteens

White Yarn Hanging Lamp from Diyprojectsforteens

Bottle and String Light Light from Homebnc

Panel Screen Light from Homebnc

DIY Wall Lighting from Homebnc

Wreath Lighting from Homebnc

Wooden Box Lighting from Homebnc

Spoon Hanging Lamp from Woohome

Colorful Jar Lighting from Woohome

Teacup Hanging Lamp from Decoist

DIY Fan Lighting from Decoist

Wire Pendant Light from Decoist

Hat Lamp from Boredpanda

Wine Bottle Lighting from Boredpanda

DIY Crystal Decanter Pendant Lights from Shelterness

Lace Pendant Lamp from Shelterness

Paper Cup Pendant Light from Shelterness

Veneer Pendant Lights from Shelterness

Wire Pendant Light from Shelterness

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