A home without a clock is not called the real home. Although we can see time through our phones, the existence of a clock is still important. So, check the DIY clock ideas below.

Pretty Plate Clock

Pretty plate clock Simple Homemade Clock Style Ideas For Useful DIY Projects


What an amazing idea to turn a plate into a clock! It is exactly genius. So, the materials you will need to create this plate clock are a pretty plate, a cordless drill with ½’’ glass & tile drill bit, clock mechanism, battery, strength adhesive, picture hanger, and spray paint.

Minimal Modern Block Clock

Minimal modern block clock Simple Homemade Clock Style Ideas For Useful DIY Projects


This clock is often seen at stores, right? Now, you can make it yourself at home with easy-to-find materials. Then, the result of this project is great for your office, home office, bedroom, and living room. So, the things you will need to create this block clock are a wooden box, clock movement, and a power drill.

DIY Wooden Clock

Look at this awesome square wood clock that will not only role as a clock but also a decorative item to add beauty to your home. The supplies you need are square wood about 10cmx10cm in some amount, clock mechanism, wood glue, wood paint, lacquer, nails, and sponge. Meanwhile, for the tools, you need a saw machine, drill, wood sanding machine, and clamps.

Simple Rustic Wall Clock

If you want to show your rustic home décor, it is not complete without a rustic wall clock. At stores, rustic clocks are quite expensive. Therefore, here is the affordable DIY idea of a rustic wall clock you can do at home. The materials you need are laminated pine round 1’’x23.75’’, craft paint, wood stain, 100 med grit sandpaper, gloves, and clean cloth.

DIY Chalkboard Clock

Have you ever imagined having a clock that you can write something on it? By having that kind of clock, it can be used as an item to write down short reminders using chalk. So, do not waste your time and create your own chalkboard clock soon. The supplies you need are finished plywood, clock body wood pieces pattern, clock movement kit with ½’’ shaft, AA battery, laser cutter, spray can chalkboard paint, wood glue, belt sander, grit sandpaper, 4 small clamps, hand sanding block, safe spray painting, safety goggles, nitrile gloves, clean rag, and regular white chalk.

Simple Modern Plywood Clock

Last, everyone will agree to mention this as the simplest DIY clocks ever. Besides, it is also mentioned as an inexpensive and easy to create the clock. Things you will need to create this clock are plywood clock face, plywood battens, power drill, clock mechanism kit, jigsaw, tape measure, wood glue, and wall hook.

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