This Christmas, you can install more and more ornaments to add your personal touches. Furthermore, Christmas is not just about green and red, but also other colors. Feel free to combine any color to improve your Christmas decor. In this section, we show you color block ornaments for Christmas that will bring your home to look more modern. With two bold shades, Christmas will be more cheerful. Let us check our inspiring ideas below!

Color Block Christmas Stockings

Dip-dye color is something that easy to do and give a huge impact on home decoration. This Christmas, making color block stockings will be a great idea. Dual-color will never go out of style and stockings are truly Christmas. What a pretty design and easy to do.

Diamond-Shaped Wooden Ornaments

Diamond-shaped wooden ornaments

Anyone will love these diamond-shaped wooden ornaments for Christmas decor. Just take wooden slices and make them into diamond shape. Then, apply two colors to attain a more colorful look. These color block Christmas ornaments are great to apply for all year long.

Cool DIY Color Block Christmas Ornaments With Bright Tape

No paint at all. These bright-colored Christmas ornaments use tape. Apply the tape randomly for all little boxes’ surface. Then, you will attain as cool as these color block Christmas. Hang them on a Christmas tree or anywhere in your room.

Double Block Christmas Ornaments

Look at these eye-catching double block Christmas ornaments that your kids will love to make. The wooden block looks nice with natural color. However, we need some other colors to make these blocks eye-catching. Color block ornaments will work well with other Christmas elements in your room.

Super Stylish DIY Color Block Gift

It will be nice to give this stylish gift to your close person. Feel free to decide on any color combination that you like. Get two different colors wrapping gifts and attach them with tape. Add a simple ribbon or bow to get the gift more interesting.

DIY Color Blocked Spray Painted Ornaments

Look at these DIY color block Christmas ornament that painted using spraying paint. We love the gradian effect that makes them different from other color block ornaments. Hanging these balls will improve a Christmas tree look to be more cheerful.

Color Block Ornaments With Gold Line

Color block ornaments with gold line

There are two colors in each ball that show us the color block style. Furthermore, there is a gold line that adds a luxurious touch. It looks so awesome to put some color blocks at a Christmas tree to gain a stylish look.

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