The interior designing world regards chic designs as something that are trendy. Chic designs are fashionable and elegant. The origin of the word chic is French, but it can refer to any design. So when we say chic relates to something comfortable yet still looks very modern and trendy. It is a timeless trend, and you can use it anytime with any mix.

A chic or smart design is an exciting mix of different interior designs. You can mix antique furniture with pastel colors or add a little color with prints and florals. All in all, this design is a relatively soft, feminine, and dreamy one.


An excellent way to achieve a chic look is to mix and match. You can mix worn out or distressed furniture. If you are fond of thrift shopping, it will surely be a treat for you. If you find some valuable pieces in good condition, you can use them for years. Make sure the furniture you buy is sturdy and long-lasting. If the paint is a little worn out, that’s alright. Pieces that are a bit worn out have antique touch and go wonderfully with contemporary elements. Choose the ones with patterns and floral prints. Even faded items can have a suburban or country vibe to it.

Make sure you don’t overdo the vintage look. The key to a shabby chic look is to maintain balance. If you get a vintage dining table, surround it with modern chairs. If you chose a modern bedroom, a vintage chandelier could bring the whole look together.


A chic look isn’t always about filling up every space, as you can opt to go minimalistic. Minimalistic styles will let you empty your area, keep the necessary pieces, and make space modern and well managed. Minimalistic furnishing and décor also allow for better air crossing. It can be great if you live in a hot state like Texas.

To achieve a minimalistic look, get rid of all the extra furniture. Only keep the essentials that fill up a little space. Get rid of any rugs and carpets or elegant curtains. Choose plain colors in white, grey, blue, and black tones instead. Minimalistic styles leave little room for extra furniture and accessories. But you don’t have to throw out the excellent stuff. You can instead get storage units in Katy TX, to store all the extra furniture. You can swap out fixtures or even redecorate whenever you want to.


A chic design is more centered on artificial light decoration than it is with natural light. Imagine a vintage parlor with lamps and candles all around the room. There are several methods to use lights to change the mood of your home.

Use modern lamps and hanging ceiling lights to add a bit of a contemporary look if your room’s furnishing has vintage or floral touches. A little mix can add to the diversity and soften the harsh appeal of the modern pieces. You can choose metal lamps to add a modernistic look or outer fittings for the lights in your ceiling to add an industrial look. 

If your furnishing choice is minimalistic, bohemian, or modern, vintage chandeliers can soften the room’s look. Chic designs center a lot on chandeliers. Just make sure you don’t make the decoration and lighting too vintage.


Think of all the things that make you happy, spice it up with the latest trends, and you will have a chic design. Which also means you shouldn’t hide your accessories or collectibles. People have different hobbies. May it be DIY or collecting a hand mirror or snowglobes. You can use them to decorate the house. If you like collecting jars or bottles or making DIY decorative pieces, you can display them in your living room on a shelf. If you enjoy collecting vintage portraits, photographs, or mirrors, you can make a collage on a bare wall to give it an artsy look.


Chic decoration includes a background of whites, creams, and beige. You have to spice it up by using prints and colors in your decoration. Don’t be afraid to add printed throw blankets, cushions, or rugs to the mix. Floral prints will add softness to the picture, but bright prints can make the room look more vibrant.


A chic decoration is all about expressing your creativity in a manner that is fashionable and trendy. It allows you to show off your mix of styles that you adore and have fun with them. However, please don’t overdo it. There is a fine line between decorations that look tasteful and simple clutter.

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