Teenagers’ room should represent their spirit, dream, and personality. Most of them hang some wall art made by hand. Others try to install new items related to hobbies. Teens room usually applies bright and bold colors as t show a youthful atmosphere. Teens are active, cheerful, and smart. In this article, we are going to show teens bedroom decor that will make them fun and enjoy anything inside. We can improve their rooms with some DIY pieces. Check out the DIY decor for teens below!

Leather Strap Hanging Shelf DIY

Leather strap hanging shelf diy


If you are looking for teen DIY that works well for boys and girls, this leather strap hanging shelf is what you need. Well, it doesn’t apply bright or bold color but the result looks awesome. The one who needs extra storage will adore this shelf.

DIY Air Plant Pot

Teens’ rooms should have plants as well to get a fresher look. In this picture, we can see air plant pots that pretty and attractive. See the patterns that show young soul. Feel free to apply other patterns by painting the pot’s surface. These simple DIYs give a big impact on the teens’ room.

DIY Pink Clock

Teen girls will love this sliced clock wall on their wall. This DIY project will need at least basic carpeting skills. However, any teen girls will love this clock hangs in their room. It looks fun and inspiring to fill the empty space.

DIY Colorful Geometric Headboard

This is an inexpensive DIY idea that will transform the teen room into a pretty awesome look. Boys or girls can customize the colors and geometric shapes they want. Use acrylic paints and sheet foams to make this incredible headboard. Arrange the square, trapezium, triangle, and other geometric shapes on the wall in a fun way.

DIY Cool Tape Picture Frames

Using washing tape to frame pictures is a pretty great idea. There are various washi tape colors that you can use. Make a creative statement for your wall with washi tape items that will not cost much. Grab washi tape fast from a dollar store and make your own cool tape picture frames.

Chalkboard Globe DIY

You will not make the globe of course. You only have to write down your message or quotation on the globe by using chalkboard spray paint. Customize the color and style as you wish. Create a cool statement for your room this way is easy and affordable.


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