From microwaves, dishwashers, to vacuum cleaners – home appliances are lifesavers. They are some of the many gifts technology has given mankind, and we’d be lying if we said we almost can’t live our lives without these home appliances.

Not only do home appliances make our lives so much easier, but they also afford us ample comfort and convenience. However, without proper care, these home appliances can break down. 

This is why it is essential to always take proper care of your home appliances. Proper maintenance will not only allow you to continue enjoying the comfort and convenience these appliances offer but also save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.  

So, how do you properly maintain your home appliances? In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best ways to maintain some of the most common home appliances. Let’s go!


Refrigerators are crazy expensive to purchase and repair, so it is always best to properly maintain your refrigerator. A common reason why many refrigerators break down is due to overload. I get it- you want to shove as many food items into your refrigerator as you can to keep them fresh, but overloading your refrigerator can cause some serious problems for your refrigerator.

Overloading can put a strain on the compressor. Another great way to maintain your refrigerator is to regularly clean the coils. When your refrigerator coils are clean, it cools more efficiently, thus saving you some extra bucks on the utility bill. 

Washing Machine

Just like your refrigerator, you should avoid overloading your washing machine. This is often easier said and done since it can be quite tempting to want to get your laundry done in the shortest time possible.

However, washing in smaller loads is more effective as it will ensure that your washing machine doesn’t go out of function anytime soon. The truth is that when you overload, you might end up damaging the motors, belts, and other moving parts of your washing machine. 

You should also abstain from washing rubber mats or carpets in your washing machine, as these can put a strain on your washing machine. Also, regularly clean the inside of your washing machine every week with a damp cloth – this can help eliminate any dirt, thread, or soapy residue left after washing 


Maintaining your microwave is pretty easy and once you stick to the necessary dos and don’ts, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of needing to repair or buy a new microwave for a long time. An important thing to remember is that you should never put any metal item or container (even containers with metal trim) inside your microwave. 

If you need to heat any food wrapped in aluminum foil, ensure that you take out the aluminum foil before putting the food inside the microwave. This can help prevent a fire. Also, avoid heating foods and beverages that are flammable in the microwave – you just might start a fire without intending to.

Always remove the seal from any packed food or sealed food container before heating it in the microwave. If you place a sealed food container into the microwave, it may trigger an explosion. 

Last but not least, always clean the microwave. This helps you get rid of stains and food spills and ensures that your microwave smells fresh every time.  


Maintaining your oven is easier than you imagined. One of the most common issues many people often experience with their oven is the temperature. If your oven’s temperature seems a bit off, then you might need to recalibrate the temperature setting. While most people would probably hire a skilled handyman from this website to do this, you can do this maintenance process yourself. You can use the instructions in your oven’s manual or search online for how-to guides to help you figure out how to match the temperature setting to the thermometer reading.


Dishwashers save you the hassle of washing your dishes but if your dishwasher no longer washes your dishes clean, this might be as a result of a food-filled filter. If the filter is clogged, it can make it difficult for water to get to the spray arms and properly clean your dishes. To fix this issue, all you need to do is pull out the lower rack and detach the filter cover inside the dishwasher. You’ll easily find a guide to do this in your owner’s manual. 

Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance is needed when it comes to air conditioners, especially if you are using a window air conditioner. Over time, your window air conditioner can accumulate dirt, stuff, and other nasty stuff such as dead bugs, molds, and more. This can drastically reduce the quality of your indoor air and can even pose a threat to your health. 

So, try to regularly vacuum all the surfaces of the air conditioner – make sure you clean the fins on the exterior face of the unit, as well as the foam filter. This will not only make the quality of your indoor air so much better but also improve efficiency and performance in your window air conditioner.

Honestly, when it comes to maintaining your home appliances, it’s the little things that count. So, regularly clean and check your appliances for any anomalies, as this will help you easily spot an issue that might eventually become a major problem down the road.

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