When the weather outside becomes cooler, it is time to take your warm outfits. Don’t forget to wear the accessories needed! Make your hand warmer by wearing gloves. You still have your old gloves in the closet, do you? If you have more leather gloves, it will be better for you to refashion them to look stylish. In this article, we have gathered DIY leather gloves upgrades that are easy to copy and affordable for anyone. Check our lists below and get inspired!

DIY Cool Gloves With Studs And Eyelets



Take your old leather gloves and make them brand new. Look at this picture that shows cool gloves with studs and eyelets. Refashion your gloves will not take much time. You only need to attach some studs and eyelets to the gloves.

Leather Gloves With Bows

The bows attached to the black gloves here create a huge improvement. The gloves are more eye-catching. Furthermore, you are free to wear these for going anywhere while keeping your hands warm. Sure, combine them with any outfit you want.

Gloves With Rosettes

Rosettes are versatile for almost any outfit. Adding rosettes to old leather gloves will spruce up their look. See the gloves in this picture that are adorable for teen girls and adult women. Wearing these gloves for any occasion will make anyone appear more stylish.

Big Leather Bows For Leather Gloves

Leather with leather will be so cool. In this section, we see leather gloves with leather bows that are stylish and chic to combine with any outfit you have. Wearing them for Halloween costumes or Christmas Eve will be a great idea. The big bow creates a big statement.

DIY Pretty Embellished Gloves

Adding embellished flowers to your old leather gloves will renew them. So, you need dot to buy new gloves this winter. The way to make this craft is easy. Just make the flower with any color you want. Even, you are free to use brighter colors such as red, yellow, or blue. Then, attach the ribbon and the flower to gloves.

Fantastic DIY Gloves for Winter

This picture shows a pair of gloves with a cool style that will work for almost any wintertime. Whether you want to ride a bicycle, car, or just walk around, the gloves will keep your hands warm. Adding some golden buttons to the old gloves will give them a new look. Then, the gold zipper also makes them more adorable.


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