Sprucing up a place isn’t a child’s play because creativity and out-of-the-ordinary selection is required to make it happen. 

It’s not the right approach that only professional interior designers can enhance the aura of a living space innovatively. 

An individual with no interior design background can get the job done by following specific tips and tricks. 

From art pieces to lighting features and the addition of greenery to the placement of decorating elements, we’ll properly guide you to do wonders for your living space. 

Let’s get started with these 5 astonishingly cool ideas: 

1. Decorative Items Can Do The Job Flawlessly 

Are you running short of ideas on how to revamp your house without getting the services of expert interior designers? 

There is nothing to worry about because the addition of fun products and decorative accessories can seal the deal. 

A trendy night light, a nice-looking wreath, a pacifying bedside lamp, a squishy pillow, a satisfying doormat, and other such décor items can help spruce up your place in a way others can only think of. 

Do you know the best thing about the aforementioned products? Most of them are affordable, and they’ll decorate your house instantly. 

However, make sure the decorative pieces you add should go perfectly with your home interior because if they don’t align with the home interior, they’ll look mismatched, and that’s the last thing you want for your property. 

2. Hanging Art Pieces Is The Right Approach 

Artwork needs to be placed at the appropriate heights, neither low nor high. 

Obviously, the selection of art pieces matters a lot, but there is no way on earth they can be placed too high; otherwise, the feel of the entire space will get killed. 

Make sure to go with such artistic designs that are aligned to the home interior. 

When it comes to hanging art above furniture, it is as necessary as anything else to hang it around 6-9 inches above furniture to give ample breathing space. 

Don’t you know about the type of art pieces that can make your house look awe-inspiring? 

No worries, we have got you covered here as you can hang paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, conceptual art, or anything else, keeping in mind personal choices. 

3. Go Green

It doesn’t matter you’re a pro interior designer or not; adding greenery to your property will help spruce it up creatively. 

The best thing about plants is they’re generally affordable, so one doesn’t have to break the bank to buy them. 

We encourage readers to choose such indoor plants that are decorative and useful simultaneously, like Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, Juniper Bonsai, Fiddle-Leaf Fog, etc. 

Greenery is associated with life and freshness, and just imagine how amazing will it be to have both of them in your house? Brilliant!

4. Lightning Feature Is A Must-Have 

It won’t be possible for any beginner to decorate a place without adding soothing and calming light features. 

It’s a wrong perception that you have to break the bank to make it happen because that’s not how it works. 

There are plenty of light sources available, so better decide a budget for it, and then start looking for the best possible option. 

The addition of windows will bring natural light, and other than that, you can get creative with accent lighting, ceiling lights, table or bedside lamps, floor lamps, and whatnot to let the world know you’re ready to turn things around with your embellishing ideas. 

The thing about lighting features is they can make a dull space look lively without doing anything extravagant.

5. Make Windows Look Bigger

Hanging curtains at a certain height define how your windows look. Hang them low, and the windows will look cramped. 

You must be curious to know how to make your regular size windows look bigger than normal, aren’t you? 

Well, the job can be done ingeniously by hanging curtain rod higher compared to window’s top. Don’t be afraid to go as high as a couple of inches below the ceiling to make them look bigger. 

Once you manage to make your room’s window look bigger, your entire space will look spacious, and that’s how you will get an airy and comfortable feel. 

Wind Up

There you have them – the most resourceful and innovative ideas to give your small place a royal feel. It feels challenging when it comes to home décor, but once you get going, there’s no stopping you – that for sure.  

Make sure to pay proper attention to light features, the addition of décor items, the placement of green indoor plants, and other such things to show your inner interior designer you’ve been hiding for quite some time. 

So, what are you waiting for? The stage is set for you to rock and roll with these mesmerizing beginner home décor ideas. 

Good luck! 


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