As a business owner, your lighting choices for your commercial space should set the mood and convey a certain tone. At the same time, there are going to be practical concerns when it comes to choosing an appropriate light fixture or plan to do this. To help guide you through the process of selecting the right lighting fixtures for your commercial space, we’ve put together 6 things to consider when choosing the right lighting

Light type

Commercially available light fixtures come in many forms and types. From pendants and chandeliers to recessed can lights and track lighting, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from when it comes time to upgrade the lighting in your commercial space. When making your choice, be sure that you’re aware of what the bulb type is for each fixture; CFL bulbs may not work with some pendant lamps, or LED bulbs may not fit into traditional sockets.

Depending on the project you will be working on,  you may need to get creative with your light fixture choice. For example, if you want a great way to display a collection of small items at a craft show, you might attach a strand of LED holiday lights to a wire shelf and use this as an inexpensive way to illuminate your wares.

Creating an atmosphere

Some rooms will require more or less than others so choose fixtures that allow you to control the amount of light needed.  If you are looking to create a certain atmosphere or mood in your commercial space, as seen on, the type of light bulb you select is extremely important. In general, warmer bulbs tend to give off a yellowish light which can create a warm and inviting feeling. Cooler bulbs on the other hand emit more blue-colored light that tends to be more crisp and clean.

When considering what color temperature your commercial space should have,  it’s good to keep in mind that different types of businesses will benefit from a different feel. For example, restaurants might want a cooler feel so food appears fresh and appetizing while retail stores may benefit from something with a little more warmth so products appear welcoming and tame down shiny packaging.

Energy efficiency

When choosing an appropriate lighting fixture for your commercial space, look into energy-efficient options that reduce energy costs and save money in the long run concerning maintenance and upkeep. Some fixtures require only modest amounts of wattage which means they’ll be more affordable to operate than others requiring higher wattages which can result in higher energy bills. However, lower wattage fixtures may not produce as much light as others so choose a fixture that’s well suited to the space and its usage requirement.

Durability for wear and tear

When it comes to commercial applications, you’re going to want something that can stand up to wear and tear from passing customers as well as regular cleaning assignments over time. Therefore, look for durable commercial lightning fixtures that can take the rough treatment from customers moving things around or those bumping into them accidentally in the case of clothes racks at clothing stores or similar situations. In addition, consider choices with some degree of corrosion resistance if the unit is going to be located in an area with high humidity levels, such as near a swimming pool.

Cost of the fixture

When choosing fixtures for your commercial space, you’ll want to consider the relative cost of each fixture versus its usefulness in fulfilling your needs. Some fixtures are more expensive than others due to their good looks, brand name appeal or other variables whereas less costly options may lack similar aesthetic appeal but get the job done just fine anyway.

However, no matter which route you go when it comes time to choose new lighting for your retail store or similar commercial space, keep in mind that quality hardware can help make up for lower upfront costs over time by resisting damage better and lasting longer overall. This will help reduce ongoing maintenance and replacement costs so even if you need to invest more upfront, the long-term benefits of doing so can help increase your ROI.

The compatibility of your lighting fixtures

Another important factor to keep in mind before starting your project is the compatibility with existing equipment and power outlets. Not all illumination lines are compatible with one another so if you’re planning on using more than one lamp or light source such as fluorescent lights and LED, you’ll need to ensure each product is made for use together or has an appropriate adapter plate included to work together safely. Be sure to consult your electrician before making any changes just in case there could be any safety concerns when mixing different types of lamps within the same space. 

When it comes to commercial lighting, you want to install fixtures that’ll look great while being functional enough for the space. However, oftentimes other factors come into play, so it is essential to have these tips in mind before starting your project so you can be sure to select the right lighting for your needs.

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