If there is a sink in your bathroom, it is time to give a little touch to spruce it up. This small space will need magic things that are easy and affordable to do by having the DIY bathroom project. You can add a DIY soap dispenser to it. Sure, it will not cost much. In this article, we are going to show you our list of DIY soap dispensers to spruce up your sink decor. Check out further below to get more inspiration.

DIY Rustic Soap Dispenser

Is it too small to put a soap dispenser on your sink? Well, it will be great to create something to help your soap dispenser. Look at this DIY rustic soap dispenser that will never need additional space in your sink. Just take an old wooden board to make the base and attach it to the wall.

DIY Easy Soap Dispenser with Legos

There is something that you can do with your kids’ old legos instead of throwing them away. Use them to fill the soap bottle. From this picture, we can see the legos add more texture and color to the soap and spruce up its appearance. What are you waiting for? Just find some legos and fill your soap bottle with them.

DIY Monogram Soap Dispenser

See the soap bottles in this picture that look so elegant with monograms. No matter what the color is, a monogram will add an interesting feel. The creator applies black color as well as the ribbon. You can do so, in different colors.

Mason Jar Soap Dispense

When you want to change the mason jar appearance, using chalk paints will be great. The owner of this house might love blue and apply this color to the soap bottle. And, you are free to customize the color as you like. Or, you may want to add some polka dots or anything.

Fun DIY Soap Dispenser

Print your kids’ picture or your memorable moment photograph. Then, attach it to the soap bottle you have. Your kids or anyone will smile seeing the picture. Having this soap bottle will also function as a decorative action for your sink.

Stenciled Monogram Soap Bottles

When you only have several minutes, this craft may fit your need. A stenciled monogram soap bottle will also improve your sink decor. There is no need for expert DIY skills to make this simple soap dispenser decor. Even, a DIY newbie can do this project in less than an hour. So easy, isn’t it?

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