Decided to improve your bathroom decor? Let’s roll your sleeves. We’ve compiled you these 20 ideas to help you refresh your bathroom. Worry not, it won’t robe your bank account because you can do it yourself!

Spray-paint the drawer pull and vanity knobs the same color for a cohesive look

Regular crafts felt combines with thick furniture feet pads to make this DIY bathroom rug

If you have an old ladder, paint it and use it as your new top-rung towel in your bathroom

Don’t get rid of fallen tree limbs just yet; stray branches make a charming rustic shelves

Create a statement with this quirky animal toothbrush holder made from a wooden figurine

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Give an existing off-the-shelf vanity a shot of vitamin c with glossy yellow paint and decoupaged doors

This old cabinet used to function as a dining room buffet but now works perfectly as a double-sink vanity

Transform a favorite dresser or console into a stunning DIY bathroom vanity with a fresh coat of paint, new hardware, and a little elbow grease

With visible brushstrokes of teal paint, the DIY bathroom vanity and matching mirror are a pair made in rustic-style heaven

This simple blue vanity was made from wood posts, inexpensive lumber, and a white quartz countertop

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If you don’t have the budget to buy and install a new, decorative mirror, frame the one you have.

Instead of buying a basic over-the-toilet hutch, build your own custom storage

Swapping out hardware is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly DIYs around

This spa-style storage looks like a custom built-in, but it’s actually just a bench and cabinet in the same color

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This DIY idea use weathered barn wood as a focal point behind the tub and helps create the feel of a private sanctuary

This simple DIY stone bathtub uses a faux stone veneer that is inexpensive and easy to use

A simple wastebasket becomes unique wrapped in jute using a hot glue gun

Attach canning jars to a board to hold small items or floral displays

No need to buy expensive mirror. all you need is to create a wood frame for a mirror and decorate with tile and grout

This DIY hanging bathroom sign only need a plant hanger, cup holder and a small oval wooden plaque

To add a weathered barn-wood-look to your bathroom, create a wood valance for your shower

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Use scrap wood for a toilet paper holder shelf

Making this cedar bath mat will let you feel as you’re stepping in and out of a sauna every time you take a shower

Hang reclaimed shelves from rope

Embellish your shower curtain with macrame to add a whimsical and romantic touch to your bathroom

Craft a DIY tissue box using birch plywood

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