Summer is the time for you to plant seeds. What are you waiting for? Buy the seeds from a farming store or anywhere you usually get them. Then, plant them in a seed pot. If you haven’t prepared the seed pot, it will be better for you to make it with upcycled things. In this article, we show you incredible DIY seed pot ideas to plant your seeds that are easy and cheap. Check out our lists below to get more inspiration. And, start to plant.

DIY Citrus Peel Seed Starter Pots

Diy citrus peel seed starter pods


Just be careful to scoop out the pulp. So, you will not break the peel. See how this super cheap seed starter will also give a good smell to your room. What an amazing and cool idea is this! It functions as a decorative action as well. Awesome!

Upcycled Eggshell Seed Pots

Well. It is a smart solution to plant your seeds in a simple and tiny pot ever. Look at the eggshells that show beautiful seeds growing. It gives you the idea to not throw your eggshells after making an omelet. Those are awesome to use as seed pots.

DIY Cool Repurposed Muffin Tin Seed Pots

Exactly, this is the easiest way to plant seeds. What do you think? You can use a regular muffin tin if you don’t have the old one. Pick up a few aluminum to make the lines. Then, put on soil and start gardening with your new seed pots. Cool, huh?

DIY Upcycled Juice Carton Seed Pots

Juice cartons are strong enough to hold your plants. You might think to not throw away juice cartoon after seeing this, right? Sure. You only need to cut the juice carton and put it on the soil inside. Plant your seeds and water them. Let the seeds growing.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Seed Starters

If you love to plant seeds in a small space, you can try to use an ice cream cone. Yes, you are right. That is something that you don’t want to eat sometimes. Ice cream cone seed starters look so cute and decorative as well. So, you can put the seeds near the window or a certain spot on your porch.

DIY Chinese Takeout Container Seed Pots

Takeout containers from Chinese restaurants are water-resistant and easy to repurpose. Just make shape it to look like a pot. Then, use it to plant your seeds. With this beautiful shape, you can put this seed pot in the living room.


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