In the situation where a new baby adds lots more clothing and clutter while you have no space to store, the ideas below are smart ideas for you. All ideas are collected in Chic And Affordable DIY Solutions  For Your Kids’ Bedroom Without Closet.

Simple Tented Storage

Simple tented storage Chic And Affordable DIY Solutions For Your Kids’ Bedroom Without Closet


This project can be done by simply purchase an inexpensive storage rack and get sewing. Then, you can even create an entire tented wardrobe using a cheap portable closet frame.

Bookshelf Rehaul

Bookshelf rehaul Chic And Affordable DIY Solutions For Your Kids’ Bedroom Without Closet


In this project, you can start with a tall and sturdy bookshelf. Next, hit a few garage sales or comb through your local flea market for a bargain. Then, once you’ve found the perfect piece, remove the inner shelves and install a clothes rod kit. On the other hand, if your bookshelf is tall enough, consider doubling your little one’s closet space by installing a second rail. Besides, you can also choose to leave the bottom shelves in place, creating space for a few cute storage baskets. Last, as with all tall furnishings, don’t forget to anchor your new wardrobe to the wall

Steamer Trunk

Do you want to have a little explorer with an unruly wardrobe? This kid-friendly closet may be just the ticket for keeping your little one’s has adventure room ready for action. Here, you can simply stand a large steamer trunk on its side, and install a clothes rail. Last, be sure to anchor the trunk to the wall to prevent any accident.

Curtain Clothes Nook

When your kids’ bedroom has no closet, you can try to create this storage.  You can put that square footage to work! Then, use curtains to close off unused areas, creating an impromptu closet for clothes, toys, and anything else.

Built-In Closet

Here you can purchase a tall and sturdy bookshelf. Then, place the bookshelf several feet away from and parallel to a wall. Next, the unit should face outward, anchored to the adjacent wall by its side. After that, install a clothing rail between the back of the bookshelf and the wall. Last, enclose your new closet with a curtain.

Loft Bed With Wardrobe

Do your magic by creating a great space-saver. Loft beds will allow you to reclaim the square footage formerly occupied by the bed and put it to good use. Then, you can purchase or build a model with additional built-in storage. Besides, you can also use the extra space to create a luxurious walk-in.


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