We need some cute things to boost our mood every day. What about cute pots? Something that is easy and affordable to do and looks decorative for your room is cool. Cute pots are what you need to make. Furthermore, they are made of upcycled things that you can find easily in a thrift store. From cute ladybug to amazing  Halloween characters. Displaying them in your little garden will improve its look. Check out our inspiring cute upcycled pot ideas below to get more inspiration.

Cute DIY Upcycled Flower Pot Ladybug

Cute DIY Upcycled Flower Pot Ladybug


This cute ladybug is made of a tiny pot that is painted well in red and black. The creator adds black paper to make the wings and give googly eyes. Display this cute ladybug in your tiny garden. Add some painted rocks to spruce it up. What a cute craft!

Cute DIY Flower Pot Chicken Craft

What about this chicken? It is so cute, isn’t it? Creating craft with pot will never go out of date. The creator chooses the chicken character because it looks so cute even the adult one. Make paint the pot and create the wings from felt or other proper materials. Don’t forget the googly eyes.

DIY Halloween Characters Pot

We still work with pots and paints in this section. Halloween characters look so cute but scary as well. So, you need to buy more dark hues. Draw the teeth and add googly eyes to make the pots more alive. Put this pot on your porch or on the window sill might become a great idea.

Cute Upcycled Flower Pot Easter Bunny

What about decorating our room with this cute upcycled easter bunny. Well, it doesn’t have to be on Easter days. You can display this pot all this year long. Prepare a white pot, if you don’t want to paint it. Buy burlap, googly eyes, felt, ribbon, and pom pom. Ready? It is time to make it!

Upcycled Flower Pot Little Girl

You need small and medium terra cotta flower pots to make this awesome craft. Then, some beads to make the necklace will also be needed to beautify its look. Feel free to paint other colors as you like. Make it more attractive by adding real or faux flowers.

Upcycled Flower Pot Frog

Paint a medium terra cotta in green. Add the eyes made of ping pong balls. Make the legs from green felt with glitter. Then,  draw the smile. This cute dog is ready to display in your home or tiny garden. So cute!

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