Ribbons are versatile and easy to find. Most people used them for accessories that will beautify their appearance, decor, or anything. With various colors and patterns, ribbons give us more choices to make wonderful DIY projects. Furthermore, they are cheap. So, you will not spend a lot of money. In this article, we have gathered DIY ribbon ideas that you can do in minutes. The good news, they are also budget-friendly. If you love using ribbon to create DIYs check our list below!

DIY Ribbon Chandelier

Diy ribbon chandelier


To make your bedroom more festive, why don’t you add ribbon to the chandelier. In this picture, we see a beautiful lighting fixture with hope and ribbons. Put this in your kids’ room will be a great idea. They will love the color and shape.

DIY Ribbon Smiling Sun

Keep smile! This craft is easy to make. You can recreate the idea to make toys for your kids or customize the size to create pillows. However, you need to have at least basic sewing skills to make the pouf and attach the ribbon one by one. Don’t forget the smiling face that will make the days more fun.

DIY Ribbon Pillowcase

DIY ribbon pillowcase will make your decor looks more welcoming. See the pillowcase that is made of ribbons with different colors and patterns. To make this pretty pillowcase, you should be able to sew with a sewing machine or by hand. Put this pillowcase in the living room and or bedroom.

DIY Eye-Catching Ribbon Mirror

The mirror looks more eye-catching with ribbon and pom pom, right? Feel free to customize the color you like. You only need to wrap the mirror holder with a ribbon. Then, add some beds or seeds and pom-poms to complete its look. Now, you are ready to use it. This mirror looks so decorative for your bedroom.

DIY Ribbon Flip-Flop

Upgrade your flip-flop appearance by adding ribbon. Combine some ribbons with different patterns and colors and attach them to the flip-flip strap. In this way, you don’t have to buy a new flip-flop. Wear these sandals will keep you stylish any time.

DIY Ribbon Lamp Shade

Attach the ribbons on the lamp by using glue. Let them dry for about one day. Then, put this lamp in your kids’ room. The appearance looks so pretty for any home style. Moreover, this way can improve your old lamp to the next level. Cool, huh?


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