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Home » 45 DIY Spring Planter Ideas to Liven Up Your Spaces

45 DIY Spring Planter Ideas to Liven Up Your Spaces

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Spring is here and comes with the flowers and foliage. Especially blooming flowers that add color to your room. Colorful flowers bring joy to any space and are great for spring. If you want to bring spring flowers to your home or garden, you need an interesting planter. In addition to buying a new planter, you can make your own spring planter for sure. In this case, a DIY spring planter idea is all you need. Whether you use reused items or a plain terracotta pot, you can transform them into a colorful masterpiece! All you need is creativity and be more creative.

Using DIY spring planter ideas can be an alternative for those of you who don’t have any extra money to spend. In fact, it is simple to make, and many ideas you can adopt. First, the simple thing that you can do is by adding color to your plain terracotta pots. You can paint them or just add color blocking. Moreover, reuse old kitchen containers! The old sugar and flour canisters are great for use as planters. You can even reuse old pots and pans. You can also use an old tin can and old baskets to create a beautiful one. Wooden crates are an easy and inexpensive way to add a colorful pop of color to any room. They make great planters. Use spray paint to give the crates a new look. And even a mason jar, milk can, colander, basket, or your old bucket can be a good option for a DIY spring planter. Furthermore, take a look at some images below.

Art Ceramic Flower Pots from homebnc

Glass Mosaic Flower Pots from homebnc

Upcycled Tins Planter from homebnc

Vintage Painted Wicker Planters  from homebnc

DIY Moss Covered Planters  from homebnc

Colorful Wicker Planter Wonderland from homebnc

Extra Moss Potted from homebnc

Upcycled Boot Planter from homebnc

Distressed Wood Crate Planters from homebnc

Repurposed Ladder Plant Shelf from homebnc

Watercolor Floral Flower Pot  from homebnc

 White Wooden Box from homebnc

Wooden Barrel Planter and Welcome Sign  from homebnc

DIY Mini Succulent Flower Pots  from homebnc

DIY Pallet Planter  from cutediyprojects

 Pallet Planter Box from cutediyprojects

Colander Planter from cutediyprojects

Boots Vegetable Garden from cutediyprojects

Whimsical Barrel Planter from cutediyprojects

DIY Monogram Planter from cutediyprojects

 DIY Hanging Tire Planter from cutediyprojects

Picnic Basket Planter from cutediyprojects

Repurposed Hanging Herb Baskets from cutediyprojects

DIY Tiered Flower Pot House Number from woohome

Rattan Basket Planter from woohome

Flower and Branch Milk Can from woohome

DIY Paint Galvanized Planter  from woohome

DIY Red Chair Flower Planter from woohome

Colorful Hanging Planter from woohome

Blue Hanging Planter  from woohome

DIY Easter Egg Planter from southernliving

Easter Carton Planter from southernliving

DIY Farmhouse Spring Mason Jar Planter from curatedinterior

DIY White Picket Fence Centerpiece from curatedinterior

DIY Spring Flower Box Centerpiece from curatedinterior

DIY Spring Tea Cup Flower Arrangement from curatedinterior

DIY Metal Flower Bucket Craft from curatedinterior

DIY Spring Apothecary Jar Printables from curatedinterior

DIY Lavender Flower Painted Mason Jars from curatedinterior

Paint Potted from countryliving

Yellow and Blue Stacked Potted from curatedinterior

DIY Twigs Potted from countryliving

DIY Potted with Lace from countryliving

DIY Mosaic Planter from countryliving

Wrap in Rope Potted from countryliving

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