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DIY Playful And Creative Repurposing Old Childhood Toys Ideas

You might keep many old toys in the storage. Childhood toys remind you about some memorable moments in your life. However, it will be a great idea to repurpose the toys into more useful things. You are still able to see the toys in different terms. Furthermore, repurposing old toys will not spend a lot of money. In this article, we have gathered DIY playful and creative ideas to turn your childhood toys into new things. Check out our list below and get more inspiration.

DIY Plastic Planter From Toys

DIY plastic planter from toys


You can change your old toys into a plastic planter. In this picture, we see a pink dinosaur that turned into a cute plastic planter. Just create a hole in the toy. Then, fill it with water and or soil. Then, plant your herb, succulent, or cacti on it.

DIY Cool Army Men Bowl

What a great idea! This cool army men bowl is made of some army toys that are melted together. Whenever you want to make this, just make sure that you have many armies. You can use hot glue to attach one another.

DIY Awesome Drawer Knobs

Find out old toys that are not used anymore. Then, use a screwdriver to attach them to the drawers. You can make this craft in less than an hour. Then, you will get new drawers without spending a lot of money. Even, a beginner can finish this in several minutes.

DIY Unique Toothbrush Holder

Make some holes in the dinosaur or other toys you have. Just make sure that you make the right toothbrush-sized holes. Then, put on your toothbrush on the hole to keep your bathroom clean and neat. In this way, you don’t need to buy a new holder.

DIY Fun Frame

Framing is not a hard project. Make sure that you have all materials needed. In this section, you need to collect some toys and paint them in the same color. After that, attach them one by one on the frame by using hot glue. This project looks so gorgeous and fun to do.

DIY Amazing Clock From Toys

You will need some small toys that will replace the numbers on your clock. This project is really cool. Attach each toy one by one by using screws. Holding on to your valuable memories in terms of a clock is an awesome idea. Furthermore, this project is easy and cheap. Make this clock in your leisure time and get a new item without spending much money.


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