You might save old denim in your closet. Then, it will be more new denim styles in the store. Why don’t you repurpose your old denim into other things like using it to do the DIY fabric use? Jeans, as you know, are versatile and cool to use to make various DIYs. You can make an accessory, bags, or other creative ideas by using types of denim. In this article, we show you cool DIY projects made of old jeans. Check them out further below and get more inspiration!

Denim Basket to Save Anything

Denim basket to save anything


You need to cut the old jeans you have into some smaller pieces. Then, create the denim basket in any shape and size you want. Put this pretty basket in your room to give a personal touch. Anyone who loves denin will adore this cool project.

Flower Corsage From Old Denims

Sure. You can make this pretty easy project in less than an hour. Cut your old jeans into some circle pieces. Then, arrange them one by one to look like a flower’s petal using hot glue. Feel free to add other accents to spruce it up.

Heart Bookmark from Old Jeans

It will be nice to have this awesome heart bookmark for your most favorite book. You will easily remember what page that you have read before. Furthermore, the heart shape is easy to make. Just cut your old jeans into this heart shape.

DIY Cozy Camera Bag

Get this cozy camera bag with a few budgets. If you have free time this weekend, why don’t you try to make this DIY cozy camera bag? You will need old jeans, orange fabric, and sewing equipment. Then, finish this project in less than a day.

Cute Denim Basket for All

In this picture, we see three baskets made of old jeans. The creator adds other accents on the top of it with patterned fabrics. Then, the result is very cool. Put your knitting equipment, pencils, or other tiny things in the baskets to clear the clutter in your room.

DIY Wall Art Form Denim

Cut the old denim in a rectangular pattern. Make sure you do it carefully. Then, write down your message on it by using paint or other kinds of stuff. In this picture, we see ‘all you need is love’. Sure, you are free to customize the words.

DIY Repurposed Denim Earrings

This is a cool and fun project ever. Repurposing old jeans as new earrings is a great idea. You get new accessories and appear so stylish. So, what are you waiting for?



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