Crafting is a very interesting project that anyone wishes to make more crafts again and again. In this section, we are going to show our ideas about crafting with nail polish that doable and affordable. Rather than buying new accessories that will need a lot of money, it will be better for you to spruce up your old one with nail polish. Let us check out our inspiring ideas below about nail polish crafts below!

DIY Cool Nail Polish Clothespin

Diy cool nail polish clothspin


Look at these cool DIY nail polish clothespins that you can make by hand. Sure, you will need some original clothespins and apply the nail polish there to get a more interesting look. Feel free to use the clothespins as a bookmark as well.

Old Necklace with Nail Polish

Revamp your old necklace with nail polishes might a great idea. Rather than throw it away, upgrading it is a better decision. Customize the color as you like. Furthermore, you can add some glitters as well if you want to make your old necklace be sparkling.

DIY Colorful Thumbtacks

The thumbtacks with nail polish are more than awesome. Those pieces will help you to stack on some notes on the wall. In other cases, the thumbtacks should be in your office. Having different thumbtacks’ styles will look nice and functions as decorative accents as well.

Eye-Catching Painted Pencil Craft

Upgrade your kid’s or teens’ pencil with nail polish touches. There are various pencils in the store that can be bought by others. If you wish to have different pencils, why don’t you craft them with nail polish that easy to do and affordable?

Wonderful DIY iPhone Cases

It is not exaggerated to say that nail polishes are versatile to use for any DIY projects. In this picture, we see a wonderful iPhone case with a nail polish touch. The crafter applies more than one color to make it more eye-catching. So, do you wish to have a similar iPhone case as this?

DIY Sunglasses Craft with Nail Polish

What do you think of these DIY sunglasses? It looks cuter with nail polish touches. You are free to do so for your sunglasses as well. However, make sure you choose the proper color to match it with the frame.

DIY Mind-Blowing Galaxy Necklace

Improve your necklace with a nail polish touch. Look at this mind-blowing galaxy necklace that anyone wishes to have. You can make the same style with different color as you like. So, what are you waiting for? Just take your nail polish and do something.


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