Have you ever made a craft using unconventional materials? What is that? We tend to make a craft using paper, cans, bottles, etc. However, it’s time to change our minds about utilizing fabrics. Yes! They aren’t just for clothes. We can make beautiful crafts from fabrics. It might sound confusing, but it is simple. You can craft from fabrics and display them. We have collected inspiring DIY projects out of fabric that you have to know and do soon. Check them out further and get inspired!

DIY Fabric Envelopes

Diy fabric envelopes


Usually, envelopes are made of paper. In this section, we show beautiful fabric envelopes that you can copy. Just cut out the fabric you like into rectangular shapes. Then, shape them as envelopes. Those envelopes will look more attractive because of the pattern. And, the texture is so much different from the paper card inside. Cool, huh?

DIY Sprocket Pillow for Outdoor

Sprocket pillows are put outside on the deck. However, you can make a different sprocket pillow for your outdoor seating. Use fabrics and patch them. Patchwork crafts are interesting. Then, making a sprocket pillow with patchwork is easy. It will show your private touches.

Cute Fabric Box DIY

What do you think of this box? It looks so cute for your kids’ room. Prepare a box and wrap it using paper. Choose the pattern you like. It will be functional and also decorative. Make it by folding and gluing. It is the easy and most affordable project ever. A beginner can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Fabric Christmas Wreath

This is a cool craft from fabrics that will make your Christmas decor looks different. The crafter makes a wreath from old red fabric with beautiful patterns. Then, she adds cheerful bright red clothes pins to it. Feel free to customize it by adding some bells, faux green leaves, or stuff.

DIY Fabric Box

Looking for a place to hold keys, pins, or other small things of yours? Try to make this DIY fabric box. We have seen some paper boxes everywhere. Why don’t we create a new cube from fabrics right now?

DIY Fabric Bookmarks

It’s time to change your paper bookmarks with the new ones. If you change the paper with fabric, you will get bookmarks with a different texture. It also looks more decorative. Customize your bookmarks by adding ribbons, glitters, or stickers.


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