Summer is the time to have fun with more parties. Most people love to hold a beach party, BBQ party, or pool party to celebrate something. Others hold a party just to be close to each other. Whatever party needs decoration. Instead of asking a professional, that will cost a ton of money, why don’t we decorate the party area with some DIY projects? It will be so challenging and fun.  Let us check out our lists below!

Beautiful Crepe Paper

Beautiful crepe paper


If you wish to install some flowers into a party decoration, it will consume more time and money. Create a faux flower with crepe paper is a nice idea. You are free to shape the crepe in any flower type. Furthermore, those flowers can be used over and over again.

Paper Chain Backdrop

Look at this ombre backdrop that will add a beautiful space on the wall. The way to make this craft is neither hard nor time-consuming. Just cut the paper and make it into some circles. Then, shape them to look like a chain.

Paper Tulip Wall

Download the template and cut them in various tulip shape and color. Then, assemble them on the wall by using glue. Feel free to decide on the backdrop. In this picture, the creator uses black to enhance all tulips.

Floating Centerpiece

Pay attention to the floating centerpiece with floating balloons for a birthday party. Oh, feel free to apply this decoration for any parties as well. Hang a box of cardstocks to keep them in their position. Use the thread to connect the box with the balloon.

Glittery Words Banner

Glitter will give the room a sparkling space. This easy project can be done in less than a day. Just take carton paper, cut it by following the letters’ shape, and give the letter glue. Pour the letters with glitter in gold color.

Paper Bag Craft

You can buy various pinata in the store. However, you will never find the best look as it will match your party decoration. A pinata that shows your personal touches look much better. In this picture, the pinata seems more interesting with different colors.

DIY Paper Lantern

Cover your lantern with a paper to create cute shades. In this picture, the creator cut some honeycomb patterns too. Feel free to add a butterfly, star, or other shapes too. The lantern looks more glamour with a golden paper touch.

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