Teenagers have a great power to make something. Why don’t they try to make more functional crafts? Of course, there is no need to spend much money. They will afford amazing crafts with few budgets. Spending time to craft will be a great thing to do in the afternoon or other free times. Well, in this article, we recommend some lists of crafts that teenagers can do at the last minute. If you are one of those talented teenagers, see our DIYs below!

DIY Cool Fishnet Mason Jar

Diy cool fishnet mason jar


If you have mason jar stocks in the storage, why don’t you use them to make crafts? In this picture, we see a cool fishnet Mason jar that will give a bohemian touch for your decoration. This isn’t a hard project, even a DIY newbie can finish it in less than an hour.

Elegant Candleholders

Bring your home to the next level by adding some elegant candleholders. Sure, you don’t have to buy them. Crafting some candleholders with beautiful glasses will not take your time. Furthermore, it will save your budget as well. So, what are you waiting for?

Woven Wall Decor

Those of you who have more free hours in the afternoon can make this awesome woven wall decor. Feel free to customize the size and colors. Make sure that you make these woven wall decors carefully with your own personal touches.

Easy DIY Storage Box

Save your hairpins, necklaces, bracelets, or other tiny things in this storage box. This is a pretty easy project that anyone can do. Just cover the box with floral paper. Then, put on any small thing inside to attain a tidy room.

Pom Pom Earrings

Do you wish to get new earrings? Why don’t you make them by hand? See these pom pom earrings that look so stylish. You can wear them for any party. Prepare thin hoops and attach the pom pom in each earring. Feel free to customize the size and colors.

DIY Ceramic Mugs

These coffee mugs are awesome. See the patterns that done in colorful appearance. You can get the same mugs with your won personal touches. Just paint the mug surface with the patterns you love and let them dry.

DIY Zipper Pouch

You need to have at least a basic sewing skill to make this DIY zipper pouch. Find out the fabric with any pattern you like. Then, cut the fabric and sew it to get the pouch shape. In the end, attach the zipper.

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