It’s time to make your home looks more festive! Oh, what should we do? Don’t think too hard. We can add some lanterns to spruce up our room décor instantly. We can change your home atmosphere to be warmer and more welcoming. Crafting paper lanterns might become a fun activity to do with your kids. Check out our list below! You can see DIY paper lantern ideas to make with your kids as soon as possible. Read further and get more inspiration!

DIY Lantern from Plastic Bottle

Diy lantern from plastic bottle


Let us make your home looks fabulous! Don’t waste plastic bottles! You can use them to make many things. In this term, take a plastic bottle and cover it with colored paper. Then, put on the bulb inside. You will get a beautiful lantern for your home.

Black Paper Lantern for a Festive Home

What do you think of this lantern? We will need cardstock paper, tissue paper, a pencil, a knife, scissors, craft glue, and tea lights to make a black paper lantern. Check out the instructions here, and make a DIY black paper lantern in your version.

DIY Paper Lantern with Pom Poms

What do you think? Is it beautiful? Making this lantern is not tricky. You can do it in minutes. Attach this lantern to your kid’s room ceiling. Then, it will not only brighten up the space but also looks decorative. You will need colorful paints, pom poms, and white paper. Asking your kids to make it with you is good. 

DIY Glitter Paper Table Lanterns

Adding this lantern will improve your room decor. It brings warmth and happiness. Using this lantern in fall and winter to decorate a room is a good thing. You can make it soon with easy tools and supplies.

DIY Dimensional Paper Lantern

Crafting is fun, huh? We can make something different from others. We only have to be more creative in designing, and we will see our fabulous projects soon. Look at the paper lantern above with a dimensional flower. Do you want to make it? Check out the tutorials here

DIY Paper Butterfly Lantern

Do you love butterflies? Seeing them fly around will make you relax and calm. What about bringing them inside in the term of a lantern? You will need four pieces of A4 paper, foil scrap, a pencil, scissors, sticky tape, glue, a knife, a cutting board, a ruler, and an LED light. Check out the instructions here


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