If you are really not in love with the regular mouse pad, then the ideas below will be your way to go. You can create your own mouse pad at home and follow the steps easily. Without further ado, let us check on DIY Never Boring Mouse Pad Ideas With Simple Materials.

Monogrammed Wool Felt Mouse Pad

Let us start the mouse pad project that is simple, easy, and fun. Besides, this also can be one of your projects for gifts. The materials you need to prepare now for this mouse pad project are wool felt, white wool-blend felt plus scrap for monogram, 1-hole punch, thread to match wool and monogram, felt glue, scalloped base, and rectangle template.

Scrapbook Paper And Cork Mouse Pad

Scrapbook paper and cork mouse pad DIY Never Boring Mouse Pad Ideas With Simple Materials


The second creative mouse pad idea is going to scrapbook paper and cork mouse pad. You may gather some materials to create this project. The materials are round cork, scrapbook paper, mod podge, paint, ribbon, a foam brush, a pencil, and scissors.

Confetti Mouse Pad

This confetti mouse pad is bright and fresh. It looks like grabbing all your attention when you are in front of your computer. This mouse pad is made of an old mouse pad, primer, white acrylic paint or spray paint, acrylic paint in some various colors, paintbrush, varnish.

Geometric Leather Mouse Pad

This geometric leather mouse pad is cheap and done in three easy steps. Prepare your scrap of leather, an old mouse pad, spray adhesive, a rotary cutter, a long ruler or quilter’s ruler, a self-healing mat, and chalk.

Pom-Pom Mouse Pad

This mouse pad idea would be the cutest one. This pom-pom mouse pad needs a cork trivet, acrylic craft paint, letter stencil, pom-poms, foam brush, and a hot glue gun.

Mousepad From Fabric And Cork Board

This mousepad is not only showing you a great color but also shape. If you almost every found a round or rectangle mouse pad, this pas will drive you in a unique look.

Easy DIY Fabric Mousepad

Easy diy fabric mousepad DIY Never Boring Mouse Pad Ideas With Simple Materials


This mouse pad idea will never drive you to wring and hard. You will only need some fabric in the size you want for your mousepad, a 1 inch bigger than the fabric piece of non-slip shelf liner, Mod-podge, a paper towel, a small brush or sponge brush, and a sewing machine.

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