Doing the craft will always be interesting for any kid. That is why you can ask them to do the craft that can be used as your additional home decoration at once. Or, you can make accessories and make your kids pretty by wearing the spring touches accessories. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right craft since your kids’ skills might still limited. Adjust the designs that your kids can deal with. Also, choose the materials that familiar and safe to your kids so that can they won’t get any trouble in doing the crafts. The common materials that can be proper for kids are paper, felt, ribbon, grain, beads, glue, etc. Use also the real flowers for a fresh impression.

Here we are going to show you some pretty spring crafts through the pictures. There are some easy designs that still seen pretty. From the ornament, necklace, crown, and other crafts. In case you make something from paper material, use white color paper then ask your kids to color it. Remember that kids love to do the coloring activity. Ask them to choose the bright and fresh spring color to really characterize the spring season. Go get the references below and make some fun with your kids! Happy crafting!

DIY Butterfly from Firefliesandmudpies.

Felt Flower Arrangement from Happinessishomemade

Paper Flower from Happinessishomemade

Tissue Roll and Paper Flower from Happinessishomemade

Rainbow Spin Art Flower Craft from Messylittlemonster

Paper Plate Bunny from Acultivatednest

Paper Butterfly from Happyhooligans

Pom Pom and Paper Butterfly from Thejoysharing

Origami Flower from Thejoysharing

Felt Butterfly from Iheartcraftythings

Cute Pom Pom Caterpillar from Stylemotivation

3D Ladybugs from Stylemotivation

Paper Flower from Stylemotivation

Animal Ring from Stylemotivation

Paper Rainbows from Stylemotivation

Plate Bunny from Loveplayandlearn

Cherry Blossom Art from Loveplayandlearn

Flower Cork Craft from Loveplayandlearn

Paper Plate Birds from Loveplayandlearn

Spring Theme Easter Hat from Brightstarkids

Rabbit Easter Hat from Brightstarkids

Flower Crown from Creativegreenliving

Flower Petals Butterfly from Modpodgerocksblog

Tissue Paper Canvas from Modpodgerocksblog

DIY Confetti Vase from Modpodgerocksblog

Colorful Egg Carton Art from Modpodgerocksblog

Milk Carton Birdhouses from Modpodgerocksblog

Recycled Paper Bracelets from Modpodgerocksblog

Yarn and Felt Flower Bracelet from Thecraftycrow

Purple Tulip from Thecraftycrow

Crepe Paper and Pom Pom Flowers from Thecraftycrow

Tissue Paper Flower from Thecraftycrow

Crepe Paper Flower Crown from Itsmejd

Chalkboard Paper Crowns from Itsmejd

Paper Flower Crown from Itsmejd

Felt Flower Headband from Itsmejd

Egg Carton Flower Crown from Hellowonderful

Paper Bunny Crown from Meandbmaketea

DIY Paper Bunny from Meandbmaketea

Colorful Paper Flower Craft from Meandbmaketea

Paper Egg Wreath from Meandbmaketea

3D Tulips from Crazylittleprojects

Easter Candy Jars from Crazylittleprojects

Paper Straw Tulips from Crazylittleprojects

Popsicle Stick Bumblebee from Crazylittleprojects

Cork Stamped Wreath from Happyhooligans

DIY Flower Arrangement from Buggyandbuddy

Tissue Paper Flower Bracelets from Buggyandbuddy

Accordion Folder Paper Flowers from Mykidstime

Paper Craft Necklace from Mykidstime

DIY Felt Necklace from Kiddiefoodies

Paper Butterfly from Familyholiday

Yellow Tulip Flower from Familyholiday

Paper Flower from Familyholiday

DIY Pink Paper Flower from Familyholiday

Yellow and Purple Flower from Familyholiday

Flower Paper Bracelets from Easypeasyandfun

DIY Flower from Buggyandbuddy

Plate Bunny from Youandkids

Paper Shamrocks from Youandkids

Paper Blooming Flower from YouandKids

Colorful Paper Flower from Redtedart

Cupcake Liners Easy Flower Craft from Kidsartncraft

Egg Carton Flower from Kidsartncraft

Colorful Paper Wreath from Kidsartncraft

Bottle Cap Flower from Kidsartncraft

Paper Flower Garland from Kidsartncraft

Paper Flower from Kidsartncraft

Printing Flower Craft from Kidsartncraft

Orchid Flower from Kidsartncraft

Cupcake Flower from Kidsartncraft

Paper Fans Flower from Kidsartncraft

Patterned Cupcake Flower from Kidsartncraft

Chromatography butterflies from Freetimewiththekids

Stick flowers and flower bed from Freetimewiththekids

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