Whenever you want to change your kitchen look, you should consider the theme. What theme that you wish to apply to your kitchen decoration. However, it will be nice to get a new kitchen look but with a low budget. Instead of asking a professional to redecorate your kitchen, it will be much better to do it yourself. In this article, we are going to show you dramatic kitchen decoration that will inspire you!

Wonderful Artwork For Kitchen

Wonderful artwork for kitchen

What do you think of this kitchen? See the picture with oversized spoon artwork that looks so eye-catching. The one who loves art will never miss this. Look at the decoration that done in a modern look and only needs a small space.

Spices Storage On The Wall

Spices storage on the wall

How many spices in your kitchen right now? You will need more storage space to keep them in a reachable place. Use your wall and add plank woods to hang your spices. So, you will get it as easy as you can. See how clean and neat your kitchen will be.

Personal Memo Board

Personal memo board

It will be nice to write down your messages on a wooden board. So, your family and friend can see that anytime. Apply chalkboard paint on one side of the kitchen’s wall. Then, you can write anything whether recept, menu or others.

Gorgeous Mosaic Backsplash

Gorgeous mosaic backsplash

Get mosaic waves backsplash will be nice to personalize your kitchen decoration. Furthermore, it will not spend much money. However, you can spend more time to finish this awesome decoration since the result is also impressive.

Eclectic and Colorful Kitchen Decoration

Eclectic and colorful kitchen decoration

Not only an adult but a kid will love to spend more time in this kitchen too. Look at the colors that are so mind-blowing and will boost our mood anytime we come. We love how the designer chooses the colors that make this kitchen so fun.

Cool Backsplash With Character

Cool backsplash with character

There are many ways to decorate your kitchen. In this cooking space, you can use any character for your backsplash. Even, you can use your own photos for the gallery. So, the kitchen will look different from any other kitchen decors.

Vibrant Kitchen Decoration

Vibrant kitchen decoration

If you love a colorful place, this kitchen might inspire you to redecorate your kitchen. See how the decorator combines pink, yellow, blue, and other vibrant colors to this kitchen. Look at the table that unexpected but cool to complete this fun decoration.


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