Talking about planter design during spring will be really interesting. It will be fun to grow plants and flowers during the season. Just try to find the most adorable planters so that you can really bring the spring spirit to your home. However, since plants are things that can bring happiness and a good mood to your life, then consider the planters for indoor and outdoor so that you can bring the plants anywhere! Here are the proper DIY planters you can have during spring. Enjoy!

DIY Indoor Planter

For the indoor planters, although the theme is clear which is ‘spring’ it will be great if you can adjust the planter designs based on the decoration style you have in your house. Let’s say that if you have the farmhouse decoration style, then you should use the materials related to the farmhouse characteristic. Or, if you have the modern decoration style, then it is better for you not to provide the planters with a too festive look. Make it pretty yet as simple as possible.

DIY Hanging Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Concrete Planter from Architectureartdesigns

DIY String Hanging Planter from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Corn Shell Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Old Wooden Planter from Architectureartdesigns

Repurposed Beer Cans from Homedit

Brick Succulent Planters from Homedit

DIY Drip Planters from Homedit

Painted Bottle Planters from Homedit

Mason Jar Planter from Homedit

Painted Jar Planter from Homedit

DIY Bottle Planter from Apieceofrainbow

Book Planter from Diyberry

Painted Terracotta Planter from Makingjoyandprettythings

DIY Hanging Planter Boxes from Makingjoyandprettythings

Galvanized Metal Planter from Makingjoyandprettythings

White Painted Terracotta Planter from Makingjoyandprettythings

DIY Kraft Paper Planter Bag from Makingjoyandprettythings

Weave Basket Planter from Makingjoyandprettythings

Colorful Rustic Planter from Onecrazyhouse

Painted Tin Can Planter from Onecrazyhouse

Twig Planter from Onecrazyhouse

Driftwood Planter from Homebnc

Painted Concrete Planter from Homebnc


Stone Planter from Homebnc

Hanging Glass Planter from Homebnc

Garden Wall Planter from Homebnc

Wine Corks Planter from Homebnc

Concrete Planter from Homebnc

Old Milk Carton Planter from Yourhouseandgarden

Painted Glass Planter from Hungaricanjourney

White Box Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Pipe Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Book Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Painted Jar Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Wooden Box Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Embroidery Hoops Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Painted Concrete Planter from Hungaricanjourney

Pallet Wall Planter from Diys

Jar Planter from Diys

DIY Gutters Planter from Diys

Teacups Planter from Diys

Mini Felt Planter from Inhabitat

Wooden Crate Planters from Burlapandblue

Hanging Bottle Planter from Funcraftskids

DIY Outdoor Planter

The most important thing to be considered for an outdoor planter is its materials that should be durable. Also, you have to choose the accessories and other additional ornaments that can stay pretty even put in outdoor space. Please check out our references below not to make you get the wrong decision in preparing your DIY outdoor planters.

Pallet Box Planter from Cutediyprojects

Pallet Planter from Cutediyprojects

Pallet Crate Planter from Cutediyprojects

Colorful Colander Planter from Cutediyprojects

DIY Upcycled Chair Planter from Thetrendinghouse

Blue Chair Planter from Homebnc

DIY Wagon Wheel Planter from Homebnc

Bathtub Planter from Homebnc

Painted Hanging Tire Planter from Homebnc

DIY Stone Hand Planter from Homebnc

Sone Heart Planter from Homebnc

Plastic Pipe Planter from Homebnc

Paint Can and Ladder Set-up Planter from Homebnc

Wooden Washtub Flower Planter from Homebnc

Painted Tire Planter from Homebnc

Rain Boot Hanging Planters from Homebnc

Colander Planter from Stylemotivation

DIY Tire Planter from Stylemotivation

Hanging Bottle Planter from Stylemotivation

Chandelier Planter from Craftaholicsanonymous

Chair Planter from Craftaholicsanonymous

Wooden Pallet Planter from Apieceofrainbow

Wheel Barrel from Apieceofrainbow

Patterned Tins Planter from Homebnc

Moss Pot Planter from Homebnc

Wooden Barrel Planter from Homebnc

Wine Barrel Planter from Decoist

Tire Planter from Genmice

Shoes Planter from Genmice

Bird Cage Planter from Genmice

Burlap Planter from Genmice

DIY Neon Concrete Block Planter from Notedlist

Old Chair Planter from Notedlist

Painted Tire Planters from Notedlist

Hanging Purse Planter from Notedlist

Hanging Wine Bottle Planter from Notedlist

Plastic Bottles Planter from Notedlist

Cups and Shoes Planter from Notedlist

Basketball Planter from Notedlist

Colorful Tin Planter from Woohome

Macrame covered Jar Planter from Woohome

Hanging Jar Planter from Woohome

Hat Planter from Woohome

Tire Planter from Woohome

Painted Drum Planter from Woohome

Old Kettle Planter from Woohome

After all, it is always necessary to remember that plants require care and attention. Especially outdoor plants, as there are many risky and crucial factors, such as wind, rain, high/low temperature, and the most dangerous factor is insects and pests which could easily make your plants die (you can find out more about pest control on the website

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