T-shirts have a lot of recycled possibilities. If you are a crafty person, you will keep your old t-shirt and create something new from them. One of the possible ways to repurpose old t-shirts is by creating new jewelry items. Don’t worry to spend much time on nothing because old t-shirts can be repurposed into some new necklaces. In this article, we have gathered amazing DIY necklace ideas made of old t-shirts. Let us check them out further below and get inspired.

Cool Brass Ring Statement Necklace

Cool brass ring statement necklace


What a cool necklace isn’t it? You can get it from the store. However, creating this necklace is not a hard project. You need to cut three old t-shirts into smaller pieces. Then, add key rings. Twist the end of the t-shirt pieces with hooks or other things with similar functions.

DIY Mini Fringe Necklace

This is the easiest DIY necklace ever and the cheapest. You only need to cut a t-shirt into small pieces. Cut one piece that is longer than others. Attach some t-shirt pieces to the longer ones. This project is super easy. Even, you don’t need to spend a dollar to make this.

DIY Simple Sleeve Necklace

Take leftover sleeves from some t-shirts. Then, turn them into smaller pieces by cutting. After that attach them in one. Tie one part of it with a different sleeve style. This project is super cheap and easy. Even a beginner can finish this project in minutes.

DIY Chunky Braided Necklace

Cut black t-shirt into smaller pieces. Then, braid them in one cool necklace. Add rings for some parts. Finish the end of it by cord ends. Now attach the braided t-shirt with chain. This project may need several minutes but the result will be great.

Simple Striped T-Shirt Necklace

What about this super simple necklace for your everyday style? Wearing this in summer will make you look casual but stylish. This necklace is made of an old striped t-shirt. After you cut the t-shirt into smaller pieces, braid it and make some layers. Easy, huh?

DIY Pretty T-Shirt & Beads Necklace

Look at the picture. The necklace is so pretty for a summer style. You can make it by hand with simple steps. First, cut out an old t-shirt into small parts. Then, add the beads you want.

Beach T-shirt Upcycled Necklace

Wearing this necklace in summer will be a great style. Furthermore, you can make this beach necklace by hand. We love the beads that become the focal interests of this necklace.

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