In winter, we potentially need to keep the flesh-biting winter air away. Then, a hat is coming as the best answer. You can have the non-sewing hat project and the simple sewn ones. The ideas are collected in DIY Cozy Sewn Hat Ideas For Wintertime Everyone Will Love.


Snowy Day Hat Pattern

Take your choice to a casual hat style. This casual hat style is perfect for cold weather to keep you warm. After that, you can tie the braids together to make sure your new hat does not fall off when a snowball is coming your way. The materials you need are a snowy day hat pattern, 1 old sweater, a ¼ yard stretchy knit fabric for the lining, stretch needle, needle, and thread.

Sweater-Turned-Hat Project

Sweater-turned-hat project DIY Cozy Sewn Hat Ideas For Wintertime Everyone Will Love


It is a great choice to style cozy this winter that is made of an old sweater. The supplies you need are an old sweater, hat to trace, fabric chalk, scissors, sewing machine, yarn, needle, and thread.

Gatsby Hat For Men

Whether you’re preparing for a themed party celebration or you simply want to look refined, you should definitely take this style for a charming appearance. The materials you need are fabric, lining fabric, fusible interfacing, some strong material to use inside brim that would hold the shape, ribbon, thread, iron, needles, pins, and sewing machine.

Ear Flap Hat

Look at this satisfaction hat idea you can make at home for winter. The supplies you need are Fur Ear Flap Hat, ½ yard exterior fabric, lining fabric, ½ yard fusible fleece interfacing, and general sewing supplies.

Hat And Mittens From Old Sweater

It is also a repurposing old sweater project. The supplies you need are a sweater, matching thread, pins, hand sewing needles, sewing scissors, markers, and measuring tape.

Eddie Cap For Kids

If you are a new sewer while your kids screaming for an authentic homemade winter hat, this Eddie cap is the best choice. The supplies you need are wool, lightweight Interfacing for the bill and one band, scissors, ruler, chalk, or something temporary to mark the fabric, pins, sewing machine with matching thread, and iron.

Faux Fur Hat

Faux fur hat DIY Cozy Sewn Hat Ideas For Wintertime Everyone Will Love


Faux fur hat is perfectly showing that you are in the wintertime. The supplies you need are faux sheepskin, sewing machine, ruler, compass, sewing measuring tape, and sewing pins.

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