It is not only young women but also adults who also love to wear accessories to complete their style. What more do you like a bracelet or necklace? If you prefer necklaces to other accessories, pay attention to our lists below. We recommend you make your own necklaces by doing the DIY accessories with simple materials and easy techniques. Rather than buy a necklace, it will be better for you to make it by hand, right? Check out DIY necklace ideas below to inspire you!

Colorful Tassel Necklace DIY

Colorful tassel necklace diy


Make sure that you have already prepared a rope, embroidery thread, scissors, and other things to make this awesome colorful tassel necklace. We love the color and shape that will never go out of date. This necklace will work well with a plain t-shirt for everyday style.

DIY Long Leather Tassel Necklace

This is a simple long leather tassel necklace that will improve your style. Find leather in any color you like and create the tassel by hand. Then, attach it to the chain necklace. The simple look makes it more versatile to wear for any moment.

DIY Wooden Triangle Necklace

The wooden triangle has geometric patterns that look modern and chic to improve your style. Furthermore, you are free to apply your favorite color to the triangle. If you adore more triangles for your necklace, it is not a mistake.

DIY  Woven Necklace

It is time to craft your won accessory today. You can copy this woven necklace and give a little bit of your own personal touches. Prepare pieces of cardboard, tape, scissors, chain, needle, and a few other things. Then, make the necklace based on your imagination.

DIY Ombre Brass Necklace

This DIY ombre brass necklace will never go out of date. The simple look makes it more versatile to wear every day. Feel free to apply any ombre color as you like. In this term, the creator chooses pastel colors to get a sweet and fun piece.

DIY  Half Moon Stone Necklace

Well, it will need more minutes to make this awesome DIY half moonstone necklace. First of all, you need to create the half moonstone. Then, use hot glue to attach it with the rectangular wood. Feel free to add a silver or gold chain as you like.

DIY Rope Statement Necklace

This gorgeous necklace is easy to make. Make sure you already prepare some rope, scissors, embroidery thread, and other materials needed to create this cool necklace. Sure, it will improve your style with a few costs.


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