Your conservatory is probably one of the most attractive areas in any house. It’s where you get to enjoy your favorite drink while basking in the sunlight and the view. This buffer between indoors and outdoors combines the best of the two worlds, allowing you to feel comfortable at home while breathing fresh air. Though the conservatory can be used all year round, it can get a bit stuffy during the summer. Most conservatories have glass exteriors, which adds versatility to their design. However, during summertime, when the sunlight shines on the conservatory, it heats up space, which might make it uncomfortable. If you need to keep your conservatory cool this summer, these interesting tips will help you out.

Insulate Glass by Cooling Film

The cooling film is an adhesive layer that is installed on the glass from the outside and reflects 80% of the sun rays away from the conservatory. In addition to that, this layer prevents UV light from making its way into the conservatory which doesn’t only prevent heat but also protects your skin and furniture from harmful sun rays. The cooling film reduces sun glare allowing you to enjoy the view without wearing sunglasses.

Install Air Conditioning System

Installing an air conditioning system will effectively cool the air in your conservatory and keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature is. Some units offer heating and cooling which would be a good investment if you need it during winter. New models of air conditioning systems are mostly silent, so you don’t have to worry about the noise when they are turned on. The air conditioning units are usually integrated into the conservatory in a smart way to blend with the structure without changing the view. This solution is more expensive than other solutions, but it is highly effective.

Install Blinds

If you are looking for a simple, yet effective way to cool your conservatory, blinds are a no-brainer. Aside from blocking sun rays from entering the conservatory, they add depth and character to it. Additionally, they offer privacy, and according to the professionals at Oakhurst Blinds, they are just as handy during the winter, as they retain heat inside the conservatory. Blinds are the most easily customizable option, as you can pick from numerous designs, materials, and types.

Buy Breathable, Light-Colored Furniture

It is commonly known that white and pastel colors in furniture add space and light. Furthermore, light colors reflect sunlight to a certain degree, so the furniture won’t soak any heat in the room and stay cool longer than dark-colored furniture. Light and soft fabrics also help with staying cool while using the couch for example. Bamboo or rattan furniture combined with indoor plants give a natural vibe that will keep the room cool and relaxing while enjoying the peace of nature. All that being said, you should avoid leather fabrics as they are not suitable for hot temperatures.

Increase Ventilation

When the air is trapped in one place and being constantly exposed to sunlight with its warmth, the air becomes hotter gradually; increasing the temperature of the room. You can open the windows and doors of the conservatory to let air circulate bringing you fresh and cool air regularly. If you haven’t built your conservatory yet, make sure to include ventilation openings in the roof and at the bottom of the conservatory. If you tried everything and it still becomes hot in the room, you can install a conservatory fan which will help with circulating the air.

Reflective Glass

Reflective glass, also known as solar control glass, works the same as cooling films as it reflects sun rays and UV light, cooling the conservatory but it is more efficient. It is more durable than cooling films as it is embedded into the glass itself. In addition to the benefits of cooling films, reflective glass also ensures that no one is looking through your windows as the light is reflected acting like a mirror. However, the mirror effect is reversed in the evenings if there is more light inside than outside.

These tips will ensure that you stay cool and comfortable in your conservatory this summer. There are simple solutions that you can try out, such as ventilating the space or getting light and airy furniture, and there are some expensive ones that will also get the job done such as air conditioning systems. You also need to take a look at your conservatory’s roof and check if it needs replacing. If you are still building your conservatory, then you need to consult professionals if you are not sure what to do to keep it cool and comfortable all year long.

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