Could winter vacation days can be so long and long. Kids will feel so tired being trapped in the house with no activity. Watching movies all time is boring. They need to do some things to be happy every day. Parents should ask them to make crafts. Use anything in your home to make your kids happy and fun during the winter days. Check out our winter craft for kid ideas further below. Ask your kids to make those crafts one by one.

DIY Clay Beads

Diy clay beads

Crafting is fun. You kids will love making something from anything. Ask them to make a bracelet or necklace using clay beads. First, roll clay balls to make individual beads. Second, create a hole for threading by pushing a pin through the center of the soft clay. Third, bake the clay in the oven. You can start arranging the bake to the thread one by one.

DIY Snowy Headband

Diy snowy headband

You can use an old headband or make a new one. Cut out paper according to the snowflake shapes. Then, attach them to the headband using hot glue. It is an easy craft you can finish in minutes. Feel free to customize it by adding pearls or glitters.

DIY Snow Ice Cream

Diy snow ice cream

Are you ready to go outside in winter? Let us make DIY snow ice cream together! Take a cup or a bowl. Then, add snow to it as much as possible. Decorate it with fruits, chocolates, sweet candy, or anything.

DIY Rainbow Puzzle

Diy rainbow puzzle

What do you think of this puzzle? You can make it at home with your kids. You will need cardboard, scissors, and crayons or paints. Draw the rainbow before applying puzzle patterns on the cardboard. Then, cut them out. Now, you will get a new puzzle to play with your kids on a winter day.

Fun Snow Painting

Fun snow painting

Do something with your kids in winter. Ask them to paint fresh snow in a large plastic container. Use watercolor or acrylic paint. They will love this activity, and they will learn science too. It seems like making ice cream. But you can’t eat it.

DIY Snow Measurement Stick

Diy snow measurement stick

How tall are you? What about we measure it using a DIY snow measurement stick? We can make it soon with easy tools and supplies. Get a wooden board and paint it. Then, write the number. Draw a snowman using white and black paint. Complete it by attaching hand branches.


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