We can make many things from rubber bands. Those are versatile and easy to use. You can make jewelry items, toys, and anything. Use their strengths and widths of them to make crafts you want. Furthermore, those are provided in various colors to make crafts. Dare to make something with them? Crafting will make you and your kids more creative. We have collected rubber band ideas in the list below. Check them out and choose which one you can make with your kids soon! 

DIY Elastic Band Guitar

Diy elastic band guitar


It is a simple toy for your little one. Make the box first before you add the rubber. Then, attach the stick to complete the guitar look. When your kid touches the rubbers, they will create sounds. Check out here to see more about how to make this craft.

Easy Rubber Band Flower

Do you like flowers? You can make an easy rubber band flower like this at home. You will need several rubber bands in different colors. Then, follow more instructions from Instructables to make it easy. It is not a tricky craft. A DIY newbie can finish it in minutes. Attach this rubber flower to a chain to get a new bracelet.

DIY Rainbow Bouncy Ball

You will need more rubber bands to make this bouncy ball. However, it looks so cute with rainbow colors. We believe your kid will love to play with this craft. Attach the rubber bands one by one until becoming a ball. Follow the instructions about how to make it here. You will need many rubber bands to make a big bouncy ball.

DIY Catapult for Kids

Making a catapult game is easy. You will need three cardboard tubes or toilet rolls, a wooden spoon, and four elastic bands. First, arrange the tubes and tie them with rubber bands. Second, take the last elastic band and loop it to handle the wooden spoon. Check out more from the site to know how to make it easier. Play this game with your kids in your free time.

DIY Mini Carrot Rubber Band Charms

Look at this cute mini carrot! Make it soon from rubber bands. Choose the orange rubber bands to make the carrot. Add green rubber to make the leaves. You can make this craft from the rubber bands in your home with simple steps. Check out here and make it as soon as possible with your kids. 

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