It’s fun to make jewelry items that are beautiful and affordable. If adults love to wear jewelry, teenagers love something unique. They wear jewelry that is made of stones, plastics, metals, or even bottle caps. Yes. We can make jewelry from bottle caps. It can be in a form of ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Well. In this article, we have collected DIY jewelry items made of bottle caps. You have to see all of them and make one for yourself. Check out further and get inspired!

DIY Beautiful Necklace with Pendant

Diy beautiful necklace with pendant


First of all, find the best bottle cap. Then, use it to make a beautiful pendant like the picture. Choose the best epoxy sticker with a flower pendant. After that, attach it to the bottle cap using glue. Use a jump ring to unite the chain with the bottle cap pendant. Cool, huh? You can make this craft in minutes.

Green BFF Heart Bottlecap Necklaces with Bling

Do you have a best friend? Ask her to make this beautiful pendant necklace from a bottle cap. First of all, create the epoxy sticker with a green BFF heart. Then, attach it to the bottle cap. Both of you will love this friendship necklace. Remember this moment. It will be one of the best memories later on.

DIY Botanicals Bottle Cap Bracelets

Those bracelets are so elegant and beautiful. Can you believe that those are made of bottle caps? We love the botanical stickers on the bottle caps that look so pretty. Attach them to each bracelet. Ask your friend to make this with you. Don’t worry, the bracelets are great to wear for a party as well.

DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

Selling them online might be a great idea. Look at the bottle cap earrings that are so mind-blowing. Feel free to customize the patterns. Even, you can create mismatched earrings too. Well, you only need to add stickers on the top surface of the bottle caps. Then, use a jump ring to attach them to the hooks. Add beads, stones, or germs to make them more beautiful. Then, you will get beautiful earrings to wear or sell. Awesome, right?

Bottle Cap Ring with Mini Pink Love

What a beautiful ring! You can wear this for a formal or casual style. Furthermore, this bottle cap ring with mini pink love looks pretty for a party style. Choose, a small bottle cap. Add a mini pink love sticker. Then, attach it to the ring. This DIY project is easy and affordable for anyone, we are sure.


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