We tend to misplace keys. We find it under a sofa, on the table, or in the kitchen cabinet. Moreover, we can miss the key. How could? It is because we don’t put the keys properly. We forget where we put them. Will you allow it to happen every day? We should change our habits soon. What about creating DIY key holders? Keeping your keys will not be a problem anymore. We can decoratively design a key holder. Let us check the ideas further below!

Admiring Monogram Key Holder

Admiring monogram key holder


You might have seen various monogram crafts. But… you should try this DIY monogram key holder. It isn’t just a decorative ornament for your home. You will get it more functional to hold your keys. Make it more interesting by adding string lights or anything.

DIY Rustic Key Holder 

You will need a board to make the frame and some hooks. It looks so decorative with a vase. Attach this key holder to your wall in the mudroom. So, it will easily to find the key you need in a second. Feel free to paint the frame you love to get it more attractive.

Bird House Key Holder

Pastel colors are adorable for various room styles. Petite bird house key holders with pastel colors will make your room more attractive. Attach them all to the wall of your entryway. Then, hang the keys according to the colors. It will ease you to organize the keys and find them anytime soon.

DIY Frame Key Holder

Bring warmth to your room with this DIY frame key holder. It’s an easy peasy project that anyone can finish in minutes. Put on your family photos or other pictures you like. Then, attach the hooks. You can give this DIY to your friend as a gift too. Customizing the design will make it more personal.

DIY RJ-45 Key Chain and Rack

For electrical engineering enthusiasts, this Diy key chain will inspire you all. Look at the design that reminds us about electricity and everything in between. Follow the instruction more from Instructables. Then, make your keys organized well.

DIY Game Key Holder

The Legend of Zelda key holder will keep your keys. You are free to choose other games as well. Then, apply those on the board. Hopefully, you will not lose your key anymore. Just remember that you have this awesome key holder!


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